10 best medieval-themed video games of all time, ranked

Content Warning: This article contains descriptions and depictions of violence

Medieval times have been fascinating for various period dramas on film. The pantheon of video games is no different with various franchises like Assassin’s creed and Era of empires having outstanding deliveries set in the Middle Ages.

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The reason behind this particular period of time being used more and more in games could be the general fascination of knights and crusaders in pop culture. While offers like Kingdom come try to stick to historical accuracy, other video games, such as For honor, You could rely on a fantasy approach, as this was also the time when the prevailing myths focused on wizards, witches, and magical creatures like dragons.

10 Mount And Blade Warband

Knights and horses fallen after a battle in Mount and Blade Warband

The strategy game of 2008, Mount and blade, received critical acclaim, but gamers were still disappointed with the poor-quality graphics and similar locations. The expansion pack, Mount warband and sword, improved this considerably by adding a multiplayer mode and focusing on horse combat, along with new political factions.

Very similar the original sandbox RPG, Marching band focuses on a medieval land called Calradia. However, instead of the role-playing elements, the update primarily involves direct combat. The politics of the Middle Ages are quite self-evident as players (as lords) have the option of building their own factions and taking over cities, while also relying on diplomatic relations through marriage or feudal alliances.

9 Besiege

Pacific Rim Jaeger recreated in Besiege

Besiege Combine the old with the new, as the goal of this strategy game is to create medieval-era siege engines with multiple customizations (some of which may include modern components). For this reason, Besiege offers the option to even create helicopters, tanks or Jaegers in the style of The Pacific coast.

After building a vehicle, various tasks must be completed ranging from decimating armies to destroying castles or even windmills. The tasks can be fairly straightforward compared to other strategy games, but the diverse customization is what makes the game worth checking out.

8 Sir

The Overlord posing with his sword while his army of Minions surrounds him, Overlord cover

Sir is an action role-playing game in a medieval setting that is based on satirical humor directed at the fantasy genre. Players take on the mantle of a resurrected evil knight known as The Overlord. Together with his army of gremlins (called ‘Minions’), the Overlord wage war against the nobles of the land to claim his lordship.

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The game includes various real-time strategy missions, and players have the option of executing “evil” or “really bad” decisions. In the end, considering the undertones of black humor, these evil tasks end up making the Overlord an unlikely hero.

7 Cavalry: Medieval War

An image of two soldiers fighting in medieval cavalry warfare

Swords, arrows, catapults, and even boiling oil can be used as weapons to counter enemies in this intense hack and slash production. Cavalry: Medieval War It is based on a fictional nation named Agatha, based on various medieval landscapes.

Players can vouch for first-person and third-person modes, while choosing between Agatha Knights and Mason Order. The game is self-indulgent in its violence and historical violence, and that’s precisely what adds to the excitement.

6 Medieval II: Total War

Armies gathered in front of a fortress in Medieval 2 Total War

The sequel to Sega’s classic strategy video game Medieval: Total War, this 2006 game makes use of real-time tactics and turn-based strategy elements. With territories that span the world, players can establish their own factions and rule their own territories between the years 1000 and 1500. This includes building a government and an army, while maintaining relationships that involve diplomacy. , economy and religion.

The Middle Ages was a particularly tumultuous period, considering religious conflicts and economic turmoil. Therefore, striking a balance between these issues simulates the perspective of an official, who needs to handle both ordinary campaigns and sudden battles.

5 Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III King Queen Cover

As is the case with other great strategy games set in the Middle Ages, players can control theocracies and mercantile states to exercise their own style of management. However, in Crusader Kings III, the stakes increase as players depend not only on state politics, but also on the personality traits and lifestyle of their characters.

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These traits can be passed down to future generations and players can choose their preferred form of government, be it tribal, feudal, or clan. In addition to the more important historical phenomena, Crusader Kings III also examines some other aspects of medieval society, such as religious dogmas and the prevailing gender bias in the military.

4 For honor

For Honor cover art

Ubisoft’s third-person action adventure is set in the medieval era, in which the knights, Vikings, samurai and warriors of the Wu-Lin faction battle each other.

All of these warring groups have their own weapons, culture, languages, and fighting styles. As these factions battle each other, a visually stunning fight-focused game is produced that also boasts elements of fantasy. For honor is an interesting entry into the action genre, considering that such diverse medieval history is explored primarily in strategy games.

3 Age Of Empires II: Age of Kings

A palace and accompanying infrastructure in Age of Empires 2

Considered largely as one of the best strategy games ever made, Age of Empires II takes its players on a journey through four important eras in medieval Europe, from the Dark Ages to the Imperial Age (the pre-Renaissance era).

Players control villagers who are used to build units such as castles and fortresses. The goal is to start a flourishing economy and society from scratch, while protecting territories from invasions by other rulers and the Crusade-era conflict between Frederick I and Saladin.

two A Plague Tale: Innocence (2019)

A Plague Tale Innocence

This stealth game, which incorporates themes of horror and adventure, takes place during the Hundred Years War. While young Hugo is a noble boy suffering from an unknown disease, his sister Amicia is tasked with finding a cure despite the war devastating his family and castle.

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Leaving aside the puzzle-based survival game, A Plague Tale: Innocence It also summarizes the alchemy of the 1300s as medicine is in its infancy and superstition is in rice. Amicia not only fights violent warriors, but also superstitious elders.

one Assassin’s creed

Assassin's Creed Historia Altair

The game that started the Assassin’s creed The franchise is also one of his most memorable installments. The game featured generation-defining characters as the protagonist Altair along with a detailed story infused with themes of historical adventure and science fiction.

Set primarily in the context of the Third Crusade, it involves the ‘Assassin’ Altair embarking on a quest to find the mythical mind-controlling object known as the Apple of Eden. While his own Assassin sect searches for the Apple, so do the Knights Templar, leading to an ongoing game of cat and mouse between the two.

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