10 Great Drama Shows To Binge On From Peacock Right Now

NBC’s Peacock has joined the streaming wars. The platform features plenty of binge-worthy dramas, from Law and Order to Friday Night Lights to The Affair.

Just when people thought there couldn’t be more streaming services in the world, Peacock debuted. Serving as a platform for NBC, Peacock hopes to join the success that HBO Max and Disney + have recently experienced.

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Although Peacock is just getting started with its original programming, it still has an impressive catalog of great shows, from the latest hits to beloved classics. If viewers are in the mood for dramas, Peacock has a lot to offer. With some great crime stories, family dramas, and proceedings, fans will have no shortage of binge-worthy content to enjoy.

10 Yellowstone

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone Season 2

For fans of the modern western genre, Yellowstone it’s a great recent series to dive into. The series follows a family that owns the largest ranch in America and is constantly fighting others who wish to invade it.

With Kevin Costner leading a strong cast, it’s a riveting new drama. It has enough violence and backstabbing intrigue that even those who don’t normally like the Western genre could find themselves drawn into this intense saga.

9 Law

Original series Law and order

Of all the many criminal procedural programs out there, Law It might be the most iconic of all. The show followed a case-of-the-week formula to great effect, as each episode is divided between detectives investigating crimes and attorneys prosecuting the defendant.

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While the formula will undoubtedly wear out on some viewers after a while, it is telling that the show ran for twenty seasons while continuing to entertain fans. That also means there are plenty of episodes for anyone looking for an extra long binge.

8 Ray donovan

Liev Schrieber delivers one of the most intense performances on television as the series’ main character. Ray donovan. This dark crime drama follows a professional repairman who solves problems for his wealthy and famous clients in Los Angeles. But her own problems with her family are less easy to fix.

The show isn’t afraid to touch on some shady themes and show that its main characters are less than noble people. It’s a riveting crime drama with lots of exciting guest stars and shocking twists to keep audiences hooked.

7 Heroes

Years before the MCU began, Heroes told the story of extraordinary people with connected superpowers from all over who must come together to save the world. It was a very captivating serialized adventure that was unlike anything on television at the time.

While most fans think Heroes lost its way as it continued, that first season is still regarded as one of the most exciting television narratives of the 21st century. It should be fascinating to revisit the show now that superhero culture is everywhere and even more mainstream.

6 The Rockford Archives

Lauren Bacall with James Garner on Rockford Files

Not only is Peacock packed with great recent shows, but also some classics that younger audiences might not be familiar with. The Rockford Archives is one of the most exciting titles in the Peacock library and is a great crime show for the public to rediscover or encounter for the first time.

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The show stars Hollywood legend James Garner as Jim Rockford, an ex-con turned private detective who deals with fascinating cases every week. Garner brings as much charm as the laid-back hero, helping to elevate The Rockford Archives beyond the typical detective show while bringing some comedy to the crime drama.

5 The issue

Dominic West and Ruth Wilson in The Affair Season 2 Episode 1

Before shows how Big little lies captured the public’s attention with her seductive and luxurious crime story, The issue showed the potential of the genre. The series stars Dominic West and Ruth Wilson as Noah and Allision, two troubled people who begin a passionate adventure into dangerous territory.

One of the most interesting aspects of the show is how it explores the same story from a variety of perspectives. He does an in-depth dissection of the truth while presenting incredible performances and mounting tension throughout the series.

4 Miami Vice

When thinking of classic cop shows, Miami Vice it’s surely one that comes to mind. The ’80s series may seem outdated and has been the subject of jokes for several years. But that’s too derogatory for a show that was ahead of its time and was truly excellent at best.

He followed the exploits of Miami detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs as they worked various dangerous undercover missions. The show had a distinctive style of its time that is a lot of fun to remember and the fact that Michael Mann was one of the producers should speak of its quality as a series of crimes.

3 home

House at House MD

There have been countless medical dramas over the years, but few have captured the excitement and interest of viewers as much as home. Hugh Laurie plays Gregory House, a brilliant but eccentric doctor who specializes in strange cases that no one else can solve.

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Laurie’s performance was a winning aspect of the show and House’s character was a nice change of pace from the regular TV doctors, saving lives but appearing to have disdain for people in general. He was a medical version of Sherlock Holmes and it was always exciting to watch him work.

two Friday night lights

Although it was originally a movie, Friday night lights it is now best remembered as an uplifting television sports drama. Set in a small Texas town where soccer is paramount, the show follows the coach and several key players on the high school team as they face the pressures to win.

Friday night lights it was filled with moments of anguish and tragedy, as well as triumph and inspiration. Kyle Chandler became a poignant leader as Coach Taylor, while the show also helped establish young talents like Jesse Plemons and Michael B. Jordan.

one Columbo

Peter Falk as Detective Columbo on the Columbo show

Even though the detective genre is filled with notable figures like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, Columbo stands out as one of the best and also one of the most distinct. Peter Falk delivers an iconic performance in the title role as Columbo, a scruffy detective whose bizarre approach nonetheless manages to uncover the most carefully hidden crimes.

With such a wonderful main character, the show is endlessly fun to watch as Columbo mutters and stumbles his way through one intriguing case after another.

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