10 of the best Hulk comic book bows of all time, ranked

The Incredible Hulk made his Marvel Comics debut in 1962 when Bruce Banner was bombarded by gamma rays in an explosion and found himself transformed into the green giant Hulk. Since then, the Hulk has been a threat, a hero, was wanted by the police and served as an Avenger.

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Some villains have pushed the Hulk, but he has limitless strength, and those are never the best stories about the big guy. Instead, when it comes to his stories, the Hulk is usually at his best when fighting his inner monster and the society around him that fears and hates him.

10 Always in my mind

Hulk punches Abomination in the face.

An enemy of the Hulk has the power to push the Hulk as far as he can, and that is the Abomination. The monster is another gamma-irradiated creature and has a lot in common with the Hulk, but with the sole advantage of having his brainpower intact for most of his existence.

In 2001 Incredible Hulk # 24-25 by Paul Jenkins and John Romita Jr., Abomination was in hiding, teaching a class like Emil Blonsky. However, Abomination had killed Betty Ross, and General Ross told the Hulk where he was and sent him to get revenge for one of the best fights of their rivalry.

9 Hulk: gray

The Gray Hulk on the cover of his comic.

Most fans saw a large gray Hulk during the Mr. Fixit stories. However, the best Gray Hulk story arrived. Hulk: gray in 2003-04 by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. This series dates back to the early days of the Hulk’s adventures and features the untold stories of the Hulk, while Bruce Banner and Doc Sampson had sessions today. This was a great story for people who wanted to see what the Hulk was like before he became an icon.

8 Hard hits

Hulk smashes Thing's face to the ground.

Nothing is better for Hulk fans than when he ends up fighting Ben Grimm, The Thing. The Hulk always believes that he is the strongest there is, and Ben will never give up in a fight. This was while the Hulk still had his intelligence and just wanted to be left alone.

The Thing showed up and hit Bruce Banner to get the Hulk out because he wanted to talk. The two ended up fighting and talking and then fighting some more. This was a two-issue miniseries by Bruce Jones and Jae Lee and it was the best battle these two ever had with each other.

7 Return of the monster

Hulk swinging on the cover of Return of the Monster.

The story of “Return of the Monster” was set in the 1999s Incredible Hulk # 34-39 by Bruce Jones and John Romita. The story ran for six issues and was a return to form for the Hulk at the time. Bruce Banner walked from town to town as the military searched for him to bring him.

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While he wanted to find peace and keep his head down, the monster would return again and again. This was the closest the comics got to the 1978 classic. Helmet television show.

6 Hulk: the end

Hulk looking down at the end of time.

Hulk: the end by Peter David and Dale Keown is the perfect ending story for the Hulk. The world has been destroyed, and the Hulk realized that he couldn’t stop it and he no longer cared about saving anyone.

Instead, he locked himself in a cave and waited. When he came out, everyone on the planet was dead except him. A robot from outer space came to Earth to reveal when the last human died, and while Bruce Banner wanted to end it all, the Hulk fought him every step of the way.

5 Imperfect future

The future Hulk, Master, leaping into action.

Hulk: Imperfect Future introduced Maestro, the alternate world version of the Hulk who took it upon himself to rule the survivors after a nuclear war destroyed the planet. Because this is a future version of the Hulk, he knows everything the Hulk knows, he is smarter, more vicious and has no limits on what he will do to win. The Hulk, in this series, was the clever Hulk, and he needed his brain more than his physical strength to win this fight. Maestro proved so popular that Marvel recently brought him in to reveal his origin story.

4 Planet Hulk

Gladiator Hulk on Sakaar in Planet Hulk.

“Planet Hulk” is one of the most famous Hulk stories. Playing in Incredible Hulk # 92-105 by Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan, and Aaron Lopresti, this started with Earth’s heroes banishing the Hulk from Earth and sending him to what they believed was a barren planet where he could live in peace.

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The planet was not barren, and the Hulk had to fight as a gladiator to win his freedom before finally finding his place in a world where he was finally accepted and loved. This story was partially developed in Thor: Ragnarok.

3 World war hulk

World Breaker Hulk in World War Hulk.

Sadly, the Hulk was unable to continue living in peace on Sakaar, as a bomb killed his pregnant wife and many of his loyal followers. As a result, the Hulk wanted revenge on the heroes who banished him and set off with his troops to attack Earth.

When he arrived, he destroyed the men who hurt him, the Illuminati, and showed the world what these so-called heroes did to him. World War Hulk took place in Incredible Hulk # 106-112.

two World war hulks

Hulk fights against Red Hulk.

There was another “World War Hulk”, except this one was bigger and included all the Hulks. On Helmet Vol. 2 # 22-24 and Incredible Hulk # 609-611, Doc Sampson betrayed all his friends when The Intelligencia set out to take over the world.

The war featured Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk, and they all discovered Red Hulk’s secret identity as General Ross. This was also where Bruce Banner finally returned as the Hulk after a prolonged absence.

1 Immortal hulk

The Immortal Hulk mutation.

The latest Hulk run could be one of the best. Immortal hulk has taken the idea of ​​the Hulk fighting his inner demons to the extreme.

This started with Bruce Banner traveling the country again, but the twist is that he would die and rise again as the Hulk when the sun went down. This led to the Green Gate and the Lower Place, where dead people with gamma mutations go when they die. It eventually brought back Joe Fixit and more and has been the most fantastic and creative Hulk story ever told.

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