In March, Disney finally gave an update on the third entry to the beloved. National Treasure series, which has been in development hell for years. The studio moves on with the long-awaited third film in the series, which follows Benjamin Franklins Gates, one of Nicolas Cage’s best roles.

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Fans have been waiting for the movie for a full 14 years, since the release of National treasure: the book of secrets back in 2007, and while he’s taken horror movies like a duck overboard in recent years, Cage will finally return to the family series soon. There’s even a lot to be excited about, even though fans don’t know much about the upcoming movie.

10 The unexplored influence

Tibet in Uncharted

It is obvious that National Treasure he wears his influences on his sleeve, as the whole notion of Benjamin Franklin Gates would never have been possible if it weren’t for Indiana Jones.

However, since the last National Treasure movie Unexplored Video game series have become hugely influential not only for video games, but also for movies. And how Unexplored follows Nathan Drake, who is also a treasure hunter who trots around the world and fights against armies of pirates, it will be exciting to see how much influence the games will have in the direction of the upcoming third film.

9 The amount of time that has passed

There was only a three-year gap between the top two National Treasure movies, but now that 14 years have passed, everything is going to be very different, as all the characters are going to be in totally different places in their lives.

It will be brand new from the more common adventures that came in the first two, especially considering how The Book of Secrets It didn’t exactly change the formula of the first movie in any way.

8 The soundtrack

The National Treasure The show shouldn’t have as good a soundtrack as it does. Being a somewhat inferior but fun version of Indiana Jones, the film has a musical score with surprisingly impressive orchestral swells that are as spooky as the trumpets and trombones of the Indy theme.

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In the eyes of many fans, it is as iconic as anything made by John Williams or Han Zimmer. The music was surprisingly composed by Trevor Rabin, the guitarist for the rock band Yes, but even if Rabin doesn’t return, a new composer could put a refreshing twist on classical music.

7 The adventure

Over the past 14 years, there have been many rumors about the plot of the third National Treasure movie, and it’s no secret that there have been many different scripts for the long-awaited movie. When it comes to what the third film will actually be about, the ideas that have been thrown range from the brightest to the typically bizarre, considering it is a project that involves the one and only Nicolas Cage.

In the past, there have been rumors about it after Cage searched for the lost city of Atlantis, and even the fountain of youth. However, the latter was used in another Disney movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, so it is unlikely to appear in National Treasure also.

6 Find out what’s on page 47

National Treasure 3 Page 47 With Nicholas Cage and Bruce Greenwood

With so many possibilities around the plot of the movie, whatever it is, you have to present the contents of page 47 of the President’s Book. What was on page 47 was a great suspense at the end of The Book of Secrets, And one of the reasons fans want a sequel so much is to find out what Gates saw when he read it.

This could also be why the third movie has been so difficult to write, as it will be difficult to write a satisfying resolution to the suspense, especially considering that Gates stated that what was on the page was truly life-changing.

5 More prospective sequels

Secret message of the National Treasury Declaration

It’s a wonder why it took so long to get a third movie, as the first movie grossed nearly $ 360 million worldwide and the next grossed a staggering $ 450 million. So it’s a hugely lucrative franchise that Disney has seemingly been sitting on for no clear reason.

However, all of that is about to change, as the third movie could lead to more sequels. And since one of the rumors as to why a third movie was struggling to get off the ground was because an idea couldn’t be established, there are a lot of concepts for many sequels.

4 I could go straight to Disney +

Disney Plus National Treasure

While Warner Bros. is releasing its entire 2021 movie roster on HBO Max alongside its theatrical releases, and Disney + is releasing movies directly to Disney + without a theatrical release, it has divided moviegoers into two camps.

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Although there are Disney shows that are not yet available on Disney +, the company is working hard to fill the service with new content, be it shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or mind-blowing Pixar movies. And while there are many people who would rather go to the movies, the prospect of watching the movie in the comfort of their own homes is exciting.

3 A new villain

As cool and fun as National Treasure is the series, it has always left something to be desired when it comes to the villains. In the first film, the villain is Ian Howe, a financier with as much personality as a spoon. In the second movie, the antagonist is Mitch Wilkinson, who is another wet blanket.

And even though From the national treasure The biggest influence, the Indiana Jones series, also has the financiers as villains who get other people to do what they want for them, at least they have character. The third entry in the series could correct this mistake by adding some sense of the stakes and by giving an antagonist some character and weight to the overall adventure.

two The connection to a larger universe?

Along with the confirmation that National Treasure 3 has been officially put into production, Disney also surprised fans with the fact that they will also be producing a Disney + series of the franchise. It is completely unknown if it is an adaptation or a spin-off set in the same world, but it has a completely different cast than the series.

It will feature new main character Jess Morales and hopefully it won’t be a difficult reboot but will feature connections to the movies, and maybe eventually fans will even have a full-blown National Treasure Cinematic Universe.

1 The Return of Nicolas Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates


Being the fascinating actor that he is, whether it’s starring in meta movies as himself or explaining the history of profanity on Netflix shows, it’s always interesting to see what Nicolas Cage does next.

However, while he may not have the best track record, one of his most beloved roles is that of Benjamin Franklin Gates on the scavenger hunt series, and his return to the role after so many years is by far the most exciting of all. the movie. And not just Cage, but the entire cast as well, as it’s easy to forget the incredible talent that supported Cage in the first two movies, including Harvey Keitel and Diane Kruger.

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