10 Star Wars rematches fans are still waiting for

There have been some spectacular fights in the Star Wars universe. Whether it’s a lightsaber duel or a space battle, some characters deserve a rematch.

The Star Wars franchise on many platforms is known for its incredible showdowns between characters. Some of the most cinematic moments in the franchise are those where the characters’ lightsabers collide or one is at the end of another’s blaster cannon.

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When fans see a good fight, they know a good fight. And when fans see disappointment in a fight, they definitely know it. Both types of confrontation lead fans to want to see the characters face off again. As long as the characters are alive or there is a void in the timeline yet to be filled, fans can expect to see those characters at odds again.

10 A missed opportunity

One of the many disappointments of the Sequel Trilogy is the underutilization of Captain Phasma. As a physically imposing and visually interesting character, fans have wanted a lot more from her, yet in The last jedi When we finally have a fight between Finn and Captain Phasma, the ship collapsing around him interrupts him. While many fans may assume that Phasma doesn’t survive the fall, we’ve seen characters like Maul come back from worse. With the introduction of the Beskar spears as a counter to a lightsaber, it would be great to see a war-weary Phasma take on a lightsaber wielding Finn in a future movie.

9 The Smuggler and the Bounty Hunter

Han Solo and Boba Fett are classic rivals from the Original trilogy. However, they actually share very little screen time. Their confrontation builds along The Empire Strikes Back, but in one of the original trilogy’s few failures, Han unceremoniously takes Boba away by accident.

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Fans would love to see a rematch between the smuggler and the bounty hunter. This could be in the time before Episode IV during the era of Solo: A Star Wars Story when Han starts working with Jabba the Hutt or could it be in the era of The mandalorian with Boba wanting revenge for his time at the Sarlacc.

8 Teacher versus apprentice

Kylo Ren and Snoke in The Force Awakens

Snoke is one of a sea of ​​underdeveloped characters from the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. The awakening of the force places him as a main antagonist and teacher of Kylo Ren. Audiences get the idea that there is a rivalry between the three key players in The First Order (Snoke, Ren, and General Hux) as the two later members speak with the Supreme Leader’s hologram. However, that configuration fails in The last jedi when Snoke is eliminated without fighting at all. Many fans would surely love to see a real showdown between this master and his apprentice. Perhaps when Kylo Ren searches for the Sith Wayfinder, he encounters one of Snoke’s other clones and fans see the real strength of the gold-clad dark side wielder.

7 Not just a contest of strength

Dooku's fight against Yoda in Attack of the Clones

Yoda is the original and lovable green warrior that fans finally got to see. Attack of the clones against his old Padawan turned Sith, Count Dooku. The fight has some lightsaber action, but mostly consisted of a contest of strength by the Jedi Master and the Sith Lord attempting to engage each other. Dooku eventually sneaks out to intrude another day, but fans are left intrigued and wanting more from these powerful force-users.

Fans get a similar showdown with the Force between Yoda and Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith, but it’s not exactly the rematch between the green master and his apprentice Serenno. Time Star Wars, Clone Wars filled in many gaps in the time between Episode II and III, seeing these two collide again would be quite a sight.

6 How the Master protected the temple

Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 outside the burning Jedi Temple

In the last jediFans see moments of Luke Skywalker’s true power as a Jedi Master, but much remains to the imagination as his fight with his nephew, Kylo Ren, is nothing more than a projection of force. Similarly, the movie only pokes fun at what actually happened when Luke’s temple was attacked.

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Letting fans see the temple attack in its entirety could not only tell us more about Kylo, ​​the Knights of Ren, and the fate of Luke’s other students (like Grogu), but it could also serve as an opportunity for them to fans watch a real showdown. between Kylo Ren when he turns to the dark side and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, and this time with him surrendering his green lightsaber.

5 Tired of these clones in this saga

Fans have been theorizing about the return of Jedi Master Mace Windu for years. Many thought that he would be the Jedi to rescue Grogu in the final episode of Season 2 of The mandalorianBut that wasn’t meant to be If the master wielding the violet lightsaber returns, it would be the perfect opportunity to see a rematch between him and Phantom Menace himself, Darth Sidious. There’s still so much more for fans to learn about cloning, Snoke, and how Palpatine returned between the time of Return of the Jedi and Rise of Skywalker, and seeing a Cyborg Master Windu hunting clones of the baddie would be a good way to answer those questions.

4 The next boss battle

Cal Kestis vader jedi fallen order star wars

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order acts as a great ground-level gaze in the time immediately after Order 66 and during the reign of the Empire. One of the most exciting moments in the game is when the player encounters none other than Darth Vader. The encounter is less of a fight and more of a chase, as it is obvious to Cal Kestis that he cannot defeat the Sith Lord. In a sequel to the game, in which Cal becomes less of a Padawan and more of a Jedi Knight, it would be fun for players to take on the Sith Lord.

3 Revenge for Starkiller Base


One confrontation many fans longed for the most was Finn’s lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren at Starkiller Base. The fight left Finn mortally wounded and Rey had to fight Kylo. Finn and Kylo never share screen time again in the trilogy. Another fight between them during the time between Episode 8 and 9 could be interesting to watch, as the Resistance seeks to wipe out the remnants of the First Order.

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This match could be blaster against lightsaber or a spaceship battle. Both Finn and Kylo Ren have proven to be decent pilots, and with the help of Poe or Rose, Finn could fight Ren quite a bit.

two Disney + ghost showdown

Mandalorian Star Wars Ahsoka Tano Rosario Dawson

Ahsoka Tano’s live debut in the second season of The mandalorian It was quite possibly one of the best moments of the year 2020 for Star Wars fans. His introduction to the series marks the beginning of a story that will continue in his own Disney + series, Ahsoka. A friend and foe of Ahsoka that would be great to see confront her again would be nothing more than the man who “killed” her master, Darth Vader.

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Based on her hesitancy to train Grogu in the ways of the Jedi, it appears that Ahsoka has not come to peace with her master’s fate. A ghost force / spirit confrontation between Ahsoka and Darth Vader could be a great way to resolve not only their fight of Star Wars: Rebels but also the emotional tension left by his teacher’s turn to the dark side.

one Size doesn’t matter when you fight for your foster father

Yellow in handcuffs

As fans have seen with Yoda in the Prequel Trilogy and Clone Wars, his species has incredible potential for fight scenes. After a while, Grogu might be capable of exciting fights. One man she is sure to want a rematch with would be Moff Gideon. Gideon not only kidnapped him and held him prisoner, but also threatened the green baby with the Darksaber that Grogu’s foster father now gives up. After years of training with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, fans were able to see Grogu return to face the Moff once more.

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