10 superhero movies with the least accurate costumes

The crowds that go to superhero movies are probably the hardest to please these days. A filmmaker is torn between having to focus on making an entertaining comic book adaptation for the big screen or making so many references that comic book fans will recognize to get them out of their seats. If they don’t make enough of the latter and the adaptation seems inaccurate, those fans can fire up the movie in no time.

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One of the easiest ways for fans to notice the accuracy in the comic book adaptations is by looking at the costumes. Having an inaccurate costume isn’t always a bad thing, as some costumes look completely silly in live-action form. However, fans will clearly notice when their favorite characters suddenly don’t look like they appeared on their original panels.

10 Halle Berry’s Catwoman shows too much skin

side by side with depictions of Catwoman

Obviously no one is trying to shame Catwoman for how much skin she has or doesn’t choose to show, but the shame comes from how inaccurate her 2004 live-action movie of the same name is. It seems the filmmakers chose to go for a look. which focused on exposed flesh rather than making a costume that was close to comics.

Catwoman has always been designed to be a physically attractive character and her costumes often flaunt that, although she is usually in the form of a suit that covers her from head to toe. Tim Burton’s version of Catwoman from Batman Returns it does a solid job of duplicating that look in live action. From 2004 Catwoman? Not so much.

9 The hawk does not show enough skin

movies vs comics side by side comparison for the hawk

This could be a cheat, as it refers more to a single character than to the movie itself. The movie where Sam Wilson makes his MCU debut Captain America: The Winter Soldier– Has a large number of accurate comic book costumes, including those belonging to the main character, Bucky Barnes. Even Steve Rogers is in a version of his “commander” costume in the comics.

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Wilson’s comic book costume was originally a much more superfluous leotard that appeared to belong in a Flying Grayson’s wardrobe, along with an overexposed torso. The movie version is probably an update, especially considering the retconned comics origin story of Wilson as a pimp.

8 Guardians look very different in the movie galaxy

comics vs movies comparison drax

First Guardians of the Galaxy The movie is one of the most blatant culprits for inaccurate costumes. Although, this is probably a good thing because many prominent characters would look a lot dumber if they rested in their original costumes in a live action movie.

However, it is easy to know what each character is missing. Drax the Destroyer walks shirtless in black pants instead of an elaborate purple cape ensemble, Nebula is missing some hair, Gamora looks nothing like her comic book character, and Peter Quill is a far cry from his blue, white outfit. and black.

7 The Fantastic Four look less than fantastic in the 2015 movie properly viewed

fantastic four side by side comparison

Quite curious, for as many critics as in the mid-2000s. Fantastic four they get the movies, one thing fans can’t argue against is that their costumes look extremely spot on, as if they came off the page. Those same fans can’t say the same about the failed 2015 reboot.

Gone is the bright blue vibrancy that was noticeable in their original comic book costumes. Now the team is sporting a much darker and bolder clothing line. Meanwhile, The Thing has its own problems. At least he used to wear pants or some underwear stockings in the comics; he spends much of the 2015 film literally walking naked.

6 X-Men Origins: Wolverine gave Sabretooth a haircut and Gambit a top hat, among other weird changes

deadpool side by side comparison

X-Men Origins: Wolverine has a great set of comic book fan favorite memorable names. However, few (if any) of them look much like their comic book counterparts.

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Obviously, Wolverine himself isn’t sporting giant yellow spandex ears, but he never did in the movies. What’s more disappointing is that Sabretooth’s mane is replaced by a haircut, Deadpool’s red and black outfit is replaced by a basic red shirt with black pants, and Gambit wears a top hat instead of the one. Balaclava-like head cover seen in the comics. This hardly scratches the surface as to other omissions in these characters or inaccuracies in others.

5 The original X-Men movie team lost the colors and individuality of their costumes from their comic book counterparts.

original x-men side by side comparison

Talking about X Men franchise, Fox kicked off their movies right away with costume inaccuracies. The X-Men were always known for having unique outfits for each character, but in the first 2000 movie, they all wore the same leather outfit.

Even if Fox wanted to go the team’s outfit route, the original X-Men made their comic book debuts wearing matching black and yellow outfits. Those suits don’t appear until 2011. First class reboot, leaving the original team of the Fox franchise in all-black suits.

4 Keanu Reeves’ Constantine Ditch the Trench Coat, Hair Color, and Accent from the Original Version

Constantine vs Hellblazer

Say that 2004’s Constantine takes liberties with his Hellblazer the source material may be a bit insufficient. Keanu Reeves plays the title character, but the Justice League Dark member’s blonde locks, British accent, and even his beige trench coat are gone.

John Constantine isn’t the only character to get a facelift in appearance. In a much more interesting and inspired choice, Gabriel, who is portrayed as a brown-haired man in the comics, receives a gender makeover in the form of Tilda Swinton. Similarly, dark-haired, bald Peter Stormare replaces the generally blond and much younger-looking Lucifer Morningstar.

3 Amazing Spider-Man 2 saw an extremely accurate take of Spidey in extremely inaccurate shots of his villains

Side by Side Comparison for Green Goblin

Ironically, Spider-Man himself is much more accurate in the comics in this 2014 movie than in the previous movie. The reason for the drastic change is that costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott, as he told mtv, wanted to get Spidey “the most Spider-Man-and Spider-Man” possible when the most original and elaborate costume from the last film sparked a public outcry among fans.

In return, the villains had their own original iterations. Harry Osborn’s Green Goblin looks like any version of Goblin seen in the comics, while Rhino’s suit looks much more robotic and gigantic than usual human-sized latex. Electro at least looks a bit like his modern comic book incarnation, although this is the first time his human form was portrayed as a black man.

two X-Men: Days of Future Past ignores the past (and present) of X-Men fashion

mystical comics vs movie versions side by side

It shouldn’t be a surprise even to the new Fox. X Men franchise to deviate from the costumes that preceded it, especially when it serves as a pseudo-sequel to the original Fox franchise. Once again, the X-Men squad is wearing very different outfits than the ones they wore in the comics, just that this time much more futuristic.

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While the generally bald Xavier sports long locks, Mystique (as she has in every movie) walks around naked rather than the usual leather or white outfit she wears in the comics. Alternatively, Bolivar Trask (played by Peter Dinklage) looks extremely accurate in his appearance in the comics.

1 Some Suicide Squad members match their counterparts, others don’t

panel screenshots of suicide squad comics and movies

Suicide Squad is a strange mix. Through their huge cast, only half of them look like comics accurate, and when the cast is as big as it is, that still represents a huge discrepancy. Characters like Killer Croc and Deadshot seem more or less spot on. Others? Not so much.

Harley Quinn might have the most drastic change, but despite being a far cry from her comic book / DCAU look, she has already managed to become an iconic pop culture staple. Then there’s El Diablo, whose ornate skull mask / costume from the comics has been adapted to tattoos on his skin, while Enchantress no longer looks like a stereotypical witch straight out of Oz. Captain Boomerang, Katana, and Slipknot are other examples of major changes to the source material.

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