Jake, while the antics in Brooklyn Nine-Nine were hilarious, they actually should have resulted in his firing.

It’s no secret that Brooklyn nine nine It’s not the most realistic crime show on television. The characters have exaggerated personalities and the cases they work on are usually a bit extreme. As the protagonist of the show, Jake Peralta is the biggest offender when it comes to shenanigans in the workplace.

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Given that the show is a comedy, it’s not surprising that all the duller aspects of police work are used for a laugh. But the number of offenses Jake has committed makes it difficult for viewers to suspend their disbelief. In a normal work environment, Jake would have been out of work a long time ago.

10 The first Halloween heist

Jake and Holt after the Halloween heist.

All of the Halloween heists were extreme, but the first was arguably the worst in terms of how much property damage Jake caused himself. To win, Jake had to spend all day fooling Holt and wreaking havoc throughout the venue. Jake fell off the roof of his office and even set a trash can on fire as a distraction. In reality, Jake should have been fired for just one of these crimes. Not only was it dangerous, but the entire robbery was a distraction to everyone who was trying to do their job.

9 Every time I worked with Doug Judy

Doug Judy is a convicted felon who started out as Jake’s worst enemy. However, Jake eventually became enthusiastic about him, and Doug began to regard Jake as his best friend. Jake doesn’t necessarily help him in his criminal activity, but he keeps secrets from the department to do the right thing for Doug. Hindering an ongoing investigation could get Jake in trouble as a citizen, but as a cop, he should have fired him.

8 Breaking the one-way mirror

Jake breaks the one-way mirror.

The amount of things that Jake breaks in the compound is constantly overlooked. There should be workers around the Nine-Nine every day to repair the damage that Jake has caused, but everything is magically fixed.

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When Jake isn’t satisfied with the way Amy is conducting her interrogation, he continues to bang on the one-way mirror until the glass shatters. Not only did this get in the way of Amy’s questioning, it is another costly expense for the department.

7 Your unprofessional behavior in the workplace

Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine Nine

Because Jake is written to be a chaotic character, he lacks a sense of professionalism. The way you act at the police station is not the way people are expected to behave in a professional work environment, but it is only mentioned as a joke. Jake will run around the Nine-Nine, scream at the top of his lungs, and act like a kid on high sugar. You are not respectful of the people around you who are trying to get your job done, and no real department would consider hiring you.

6 Unjustified arrests

Arresting a citizen is not done on a whim, and the police need enough evidence to keep their suspect captive. Jake is more of the “act now, think later” type of person, which gets him in trouble when it comes to making arrests. Jake trusts his instincts above his head, and that makes him act irrational. When Jake brings in a suspect without any proof that he committed the crime, the entire compound is forced to spend the weekend working so that he does not go free. It seems that Jake’s decision should have had more serious consequences.

5 The Complete Bullpen

Jake prepares for the full bullpen.

Instead of working, Jake decides to try the “full bullpen,” which consists of sliding across the floor and seeing how far he can go with just his socks. There are several things wrong with the whole concept, but Jake kicking off his shoes and doing stunts in the middle of an office isn’t even the worst part.

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Jake gets enough momentum and manages to fly across the ground with all of his friends cheering him on. However, Holt opens the elevator just as Jake approaches and collides with his captain. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but at least a dozen rules must have been broken.

4 How you treat the captain of the police station

No matter who the current captain is, Jake never treats them like a boss. His relationship with Holt was unstable during season 1 for this very reason, and he only stayed on the force due to his exceptional detective skills. After they get closer, like a running joke, Jake slips in and calls Holt “dad” quite often. Although it’s heartwarming because Jake doesn’t have a good relationship with his real father, it doesn’t feel appropriate to refer to his boss that way.

3 Jimmy Jab games

Jimmy-Jab games are one of the only times Jake gets into serious trouble for his actions. When Holt was out, Jake and the rest of the venue spent the day competing with each other in a series of crazy challenges. Not everyone was safe, and it is shocking that more people were not injured during the course of the shift. But Jake completely left work for the entire day and caused even more damage to the building, in the process. Not many cities would tolerate an enclosure that works like the Nine-Nine does.

two Trash Talking Holt With Jimmy Brogan

Fed up with his boss, Jake goes to drink and begins to speak ill of Holt to his favorite author, Jimmy Brogan. Jimmy intends to write an article on Holt, and Jake, drunk, agrees to put it on the record. When Jake sobers up, he realizes he made a big mistake and his actions could ruin Holt’s reputation. Jimmy agrees not to write the story, but when he calls Holt a gay slur, Jake punches him in the face. What Jake did was admirable, but from a professional point of view, there were many things about this situation that would not work in a normal workplace.

1 Your activities at work

The main reason Jack should be fired is that he never actually works while at work. He has been seen going out to the field, but whenever he is inside the enclosure, he talks with his friends, plays or performs other unproductive tasks. While it would be boring if viewers were forced to watch Jake do the paperwork in every episode, that doesn’t take away from the fact that he spends too much time fooling around. No cop at Jake’s level could get away with his amount of shenanigans.

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