10 times Sasuke’s actions were justified

There is a possibility that Sasuke was the most complex character in Naruto. His calm nature had a tendency to confuse people and, as a result, his motivations could be difficult to decipher. Sasuke’s actions can be quite confusing for anyone who doesn’t fully understand his thought process.

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Sasuke tends to act based on his emotions, and although his emotions sometimes get in the way of making the best decision, he continually does what he thinks is the right thing to do. Sasuke’s actions are always determined by what he knows and can be justified when the situation is viewed from his perspective.

10 Sakura insulted Naruto for not having parents, so Sasuke called her annoying

Sakura was delighted to discover that she had been added to the same team as her beloved Sasuke. He hoped it was the perfect excuse to spend more time with him. However, she made a bad impression when she began to criticize Naruto for not having parents.

Despite Sakura’s obsession with Sasuke, she somehow didn’t know that he was an orphan like Naruto. In response, Sasuke called her upset, and her cold words visibly hurt his teammate. She didn’t seem to realize how her words had affected him.

9 He did not work with his teammates during Bell’s test because he was more skilled than them

Naruto Kakashi

After graduating from the academy, Kakashi evaluated Team 7’s teamwork, who deliberately pitted them against each other to see if they could come together.

Sasuke decided to work alone. He tried to secure one of the bells without the help of his fellow genin, believing that he was the only one who had a chance. His abilities were definitely superior compared to the abilities of his teammates, making him the only one who could have been able to retrieve a bell single-handedly.

8 He wanted to kill his brother to avenge his clan

Itachi suffocates Sasuke

At the beginning of the series, Sasuke said that he had a clear goal in mind. He wanted to defeat his older brother. However, as time passed, Itachi’s actions became better explained, and Sasuke finally finds himself able to forgive his brother.

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Still, Itachi made his younger brother go through a lot in the name of peace: Itachi’s actions destroyed his clan, killed his parents, and used his Sharingan to make Sasuke relive his parents’ deaths repeatedly. Although Itachi’s intentions were to protect the village and his brother, the whole situation affected Sasuke greatly and gave him a reason to take revenge.

7 He risked his life to save Naruto against Haku

In one of Team 7’s first missions, Naruto and Sasuke faced off against Haku. Haku was a powerful foe, using an ice-based kekkei genkai to prevent the duo from helping Kakashi in a fight against Zabuza.

At one point, Sasuke got in between Haku and Naruto’s attack. Without thinking about himself or his own goals, he was willing to sacrifice his life for his teammate. This action shows that Sasuke really is a good person. And although Sasuke sometimes acts selfishly, his actions here show that he genuinely cares for others.

6 He left the village along with everything that prevented him from becoming stronger

Sakura naruto

At one point, Sasuke feels like he can no longer advance on his own. He realizes that Naruto has made great strides while staying behind himself. When Sasuke has the opportunity to train with Orochimaru, he begins to believe that he has found a better way.

His older brother had already left the village, and if Sasuke wanted to become stronger, he began to believe that he needed to leave the village as well. When Sakura said she wanted to go with him, he wouldn’t let her. He was walking a dangerous path and was not willing to put anyone else at risk.

5 He decided to kill Danzo, who played a major role in the Uchiha massacre.

Danzo revealing his sharingan

Danzo was responsible for much of the pain in Sasuke’s life. If it weren’t for Danzo, it is possible that the Uchiha Massacre would never have happened. Danzo was the one who stopped Shisui from using his eyes to turn things around, and also ordered Itachi to kill everyone.

In the end, Danzo had sought power at any cost and was willing to do anything to maintain his control over the village. His hunger for power had destroyed Sasuke’s life. As a result, Sasuke destroyed it.

4 He wanted to destroy the village after hearing the truth behind Itachi’s actions

After learning about everything Itachi had sacrificed to keep the village safe, Sasuke decided to destroy Konoha himself. Sasuke seems to want to eliminate the very thing that Itachi worked so hard to save.

Sasuke hearing the truth about his brother made him go into a strange state of shock, and for a while after that, his words and actions seemed to go against his usual character. His desire to destroy the village makes sense in his quest for justice for his clan, resembling the reason why he had previously wanted to kill his brother.

3 He acted out of jealousy towards Naruto

The rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke was originally believed to have been one-sided. Naruto constantly tried to prove that he was better than Sasuke, even though he wasn’t.

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Sasuke finally revealed that he was just as jealous of Naruto as Naruto always seemed to be of him. It was easy for Naruto to make friends and deal with the death of his parents, and he managed to learn a lot in a short time. And despite Sasuke’s incredible ability, there were ways he just couldn’t replace Naruto.

two Sasuke left town after the war and wanted to show that he had changed

Naruto shippuden

After Sasuke’s redemption, he was briefly held in a Konoha prison, but Kakashi’s and Naruto’s testimony ensured that he was released. Upon his release, he wanted the opportunity to see the world, experience peace, and show others that he had changed.

It was the perfect opportunity to show the world that he was not going to keep repeating the mistakes of his past, and he had the opportunity to be a positive force in the world. If he had stayed in town, he could have reestablished relationships with some old friends. But at least, by leaving, he was able to regain some of the confidence he had lost.

1 He almost attacked his daughter because she could have been a potential enemy

Sasuke encountered a mysterious enemy named Shin who had the Sharingan and carried the symbol of the Uchiha Clan on his back. Not long after his fight with Shin, Sasuke also encountered a girl with her kekkei genkai and the symbol of the clan.

Sasuke quickly came to the conclusion that the girl was working with Shin, but in reality it was just his own daughter, Sarada. It had been a long time since he’d seen the daughter who was supposed to be in Konoha, so even though Sasuke really scared her, he clearly wasn’t trying to hurt her. If he had wanted to hurt her, he would have.

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