10 ways Captain America is holding the Avengers

Captain America is one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe. He is the heart and soul of the Avengers and one of the most important members of the group. Fighting evil since WWII, Captain America has earned his place as one of the planet’s greatest heroes and is one of the most respected heroes in the Marvel Universe.

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Captain America is synonymous with the Avengers, he often leads the team, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best for them. There are many reasons why Captain America slows down the team, and they need to be taken into account before he takes over the leadership of the team again.

10 It’s too dated

Captain America in a fight

Captain America was born almost a century ago and it often shows. While his upbringing and experiences in WWII have made him one of the most inspiring heroes of all, he also has a very rigid outlook on the world. While he is not as much of a man out of time as he once was, he is still a rather old-fashioned person.

While Cap’s morality and purity have defined him, they aren’t the best way to do things in the modern world either. As one of the best members of the Avengers, Cap’s way of doing things can hurt the team in their battles.

9 His lack of powers is not good in a team like the Avengers

Captain America passed out

The super soldier serum that runs through Cap’s veins makes him a maximum human, but he is not superhuman. This can be a big problem at times, especially on your Avengers missions. Cap is really good and has stood his ground frequently, but a lot of that is because of his teammates looking out for him.

The Avengers take on some of the most evil villains, and Cap’s lack of powers isn’t exactly a good thing in battle. His teammates have to take care of him at times, or at other times he has to hold back and not get involved because he would simply get in the way of his allies.

8 Holds others to their own high standards and that’s unrealistic

Original Sam Wilson Costume

Cap is known to be the best of the best in many ways, not only as a superhero but also as a person. He is one of the best human beings in the superhero world, an almost perfect human who always does the right thing and fight for the right thing regardless of the consequences. While this is an admirable way to be, it is also a problem because you expect others to be of the same standard.

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This is not realistic at all. The Avengers are great people, but most of them can’t match Cap for their ideals and attitudes. The Avengers are only human and that can often be mistranslated. Cap expects others to be like him and things just don’t work out that way. It hurts the team because no one wants to let Cap down, so they try and fail. Failing on the scale that the Avengers work on is costly.

7 He has a lot on his plate beyond the Avengers

Cap long ago as a superhero. Not only is he an Avenger, but he also helps SHIELD, battles various supervillains, and fights his own longtime enemies like Red Skull and Hydra. That’s a lot to deal with, and Cap is just a man. Something has to suffer and sometimes it’s the Avengers.

Cap is one of the Avengers’ greatest solo heroes, but he can’t do everything. The team depends on him for many things, and if he is busy elsewhere, it will hurt the group. If the Avengers are ever at a disadvantage, millions may die.

6 They depend on him for tactics

Cap is known as one of the best tactical minds in the Marvel Universe, and the plans he’s made have saved his day multiple times. This is a great thing, as the threats the Avengers face can outshine the team’s abilities and resources, and any advantage is a great thing. However, the Avengers rely heavily on Cap for tactics, and that’s not very good.

Cap may not always be there or his plans may fail. Relying on Cap for tactics can be dangerous because that means other team members aren’t using their brains as much as they can because they don’t have to think for themselves. Not keeping your mind sharp is bad, especially in the superhero game.

5 His enemies target the team and he can get very bad

Hydra All New Captain America

One of the Avengers’ biggest enemy groups is the Masters of Evil. That group was founded by Baron Heinrich Zemo, one of Cap’s old enemies in WWII, to destroy Cap and his friends. After Heinrich’s death, his son Helmut would take over the group and the Masters would give the Avengers one of their biggest losses, defeating the Avengers completely.

Hydra has targeted the group and Red Skull has as well. Cap’s enemies may not be the most powerful, but they are cunning and dangerous. His attacks on the Avengers have been deadly to many. The group has enough to worry about without being a target just because Cap is on the team.

4 Their status as a symbol of the United States paints the team as an American asset.

Captain America

The Avengers protect the entire world. It is basically their mandate: they are the first and last line of defense of the Earth against the greatest threats. However, while Cap doesn’t always follow orders from the US government, he is still seen as a symbol of the US, and that paints the team as an American asset.

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This hurts the team in its international relations. Sure, Black Panther has helped a lot in recent years, but the most visible Avenger is Captain America. His costume is basically the American flag. This makes the Avengers seem like one more way for the United States to run the world to a lot of people, which hurts the team.

3 If the cap is damaged, it is terrible for everyone

No one had ever thought Cap would go wrong, but it eventually happened and forced the Avengers to choose a side. Secret empire it was undoubtedly an outlier, but it represented a plan by the Red Skull to use Cap’s place in the world to bring Hydra to the top. When Cap came out as the leader of Hydra and took over the US, Avengers members like Thor and Scarlet Witch supported him.

It wasn’t the first time the team fought each other, but it was one of the most devastating, as the team members decided to follow a fascist. This made the Avengers look worse than ever, and it’s something they still have to fight against.

two When Cap disagrees with another member, he splits the team

Captain America Iron Man

Another great example of Cap’s decisions that negatively affected the team was Civil war. The ideological battle between Cap and Iron Man turned friend against friend and divided the superhero community, leading to things like the Skrull Invasion and Norman Osborn’s takeover of the Superhero Initiative. While Cap was on the right side of the whole thing, the fact that a difference of opinion caused something like this is concerning.

As one of the most important Avengers, Cap’s word matters and many of his teammates will follow, no matter the cost. This has led to some pretty bad results and all due to Cap’s importance to his teammates.

1 There are better leaders for the team

Black Panther

Cap is widely considered the best leader of the Avengers, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t do a better job. For example, right now Black Panther is leading the team and he’s doing a great job. He is also very suitable for leadership, since his whole life has been about it; after all, he rules his own country.

Black Panther isn’t the only one either, as there are other Avengers who could take Cap’s place and do a better job than him. It would also help to have new blood on top – Cap’s approach to things is fine, but new ways of doing things are always welcome and should be embraced as well.

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