90 Day Fiancé: Amira Alerts Fans Of Fake IG Profile Andrew Follows

A fake Instagram profile posing as Amira Lollysa and calling her a scammer led fans of the 90-day fiancé to conclude that it was Andrew Kenton who pulled it off.

The newest bad boy of the 90 day fiancé Andrew Kenton, got into trouble once again when Amira Lollysa revealed that someone created her fake Instagram account. The IG copycat, says Amira, is followed by Andrew, whom she broke up with on season 8 of the TLC show. In addition to facing intense criticism from fans for his manipulative behavior towards Franco-Egyptian Amira, Andrew had also stirred the pot by threatening David Toborowsky with a fight. But did Andrew really try to pretend to be 90 day fiancé star Amira Kamar to further accuse her of being a scammer?

Amira and Andrew’s long-distance partner had met online two years ago before coming to 90 day fiancé. Saumur resident Amira had so captivated Andrew’s heart that he became engaged to her within three days of meeting. However, Amira and Andrew’s romance had already ended before the season 8 finale because of their egregious demand for children and obnoxious texting. Andrew’s behavior in 90 day fiancé It was considered not only indifferent but also toxic to Amira, who was declared a hero when she refused to fly to the United States after a panic attack.

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But 90 day fiancé The star Andrew also left no stone unturned to show that he was given a “bad edit“By TLC with his”TV tricks. “Armed with his many screenshots, Andrew claimed that Amira had perpetrated Mexico’s loophole and was starved for fame and a liar using 90 day fiancé for your earnings. Some fans began to believe that Andrew might be right, due to Amira allegedly being involved with a criminal before meeting him and seeing another American, Camel Ventura, after their breakup. But Amira lollysaSupporters outweigh naysayers, and she took advantage of their help to call an IG account that alleges that “Amiraisascammer. “

Sharing a screenshot of the Instagram profile whose biographical notes, “Amira enjoys reading makeup news, is dating men in prison, and is looking for her next victim in the US.,” the 90 day fiancé star wrote, “please report that fake / nasty account stealing my identity. ” The 90 day fiancé The newcomer asked her fans personally through a video message to help her inform about the “Fake profile” which “stealing your identity“And how is it”not okay in any way. “The next screenshot of Amira was a DM from a 90 day fiancé viewer, who informed him that Andrew also follows the fake account “who hates her of course. “The fan also wondered if Andrew was the one who created it too.

But as usual, she 90 day fiancé former Andrew Kenton he had a clapback ready to prove he’s right. Andrew posted an exchange between him and a fan where his response was, “Everyone says that I did the account today because I followed it hahaha.“The guy from the nursery also added the song.”Thanks to my fansFrom Mel Waiters to his story. While it’s questionable to believe that Andrew still has fans left, the few who are #TeamAndrew strongly believe that Amira has been a scammer the entire time. But 90 day fiancé Tell-All makes fans of Amira or Andrew change their fan base? In true reunion style, one can surely expect some explosive revelations from season 8 to swim to the surface of Amira-Andrew’s story.

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