A controversial video posted by 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem on Instagram shows her driving and filming her granddaughter who is not wearing a seatbelt.

The controversial queen of 90 day fiancé, Angela Deem faces music once again, but this time for an Instagram video involving her young granddaughter. After flaunting her 90-pound weight loss, Angela has been busy promoting her clothing line on social media. The 55-year-old, who is currently in a long-distance marriage to his Nigerian husband Michael, is also set to star in a new TLC spin-off. 90 Day Fiancé – Happily Ever After? Instead of talking about Angela and Michael’s return to reality shows, though, it’s their seemingly sloppy behavior on IG that worries fans.

It was in its season 2 of 90 day fiancé: before 90 days Intro that Angela, a Georgia resident, had talked about her loving family, including her two daughters Scottie and Skyla Deem and six grandchildren. The nursing assistant was on the show as an anxious single woman, on her way to meet her then-boyfriend Michael, who initially thought he was scamming her. Since then, Scottie, whom Angela had featured in episodes of Trisha and Maury with, has been arrested and released. Angela’s other daughter Skyla is a fan favorite who has appeared sporadically on 90 day fiancé, with her mom and Michael asking her for an egg to take away.

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More recently, 90 day fiancé Angela has been busy spending time with her grandchildren at home, often creating content with them on Instagram. Fans have seen Angela show off her shocking makeover through TikTok videos and also celebrate special occasions like her grandchildren’s birthdays. While these videos get several double taps from TLC viewers, Angela’s latest IG upload is not being well received by her followers. The video shows Angela’s granddaughter, Ana, dancing to Post Malone’s beat “Goodbye“Like her 90 day fiancé the star grandmother who appears to be driving registers it.

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So my Ana heaven wanted pancakes this morning so we sneak out“Angela wrote in her caption before adding”and this song played and she said TURN IT UP MEMA THAT’S MY SONG LOL.But Angela also disabled comments on the video post, possibly after concerned fans called her. A worried fan in the Reddit notes, “Oh Angela … this is not how you carry your grandchildren. “The fan further added that there is”No seat belt, recording it while driving. So much not in this video. “

Considering that Angela has kept the comments out, she seems to know that the video is wrong on many levels. However, this is not the first time Angela has gone under the scanner for her driving. According to Persons, in 2018, the 90 day fiancé star was arrested and charged with DUI (negative), driving without a license on her person, and speeding to 60 mph, well above the 35 mph speed limit. Given that fans are already criticizing her for her irresponsible behavior, the chances of Angela possibly facing legal trouble again are high.

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