American Dad: Ricky Spanish is Roger’s best person

Roger’s most infamous character in American Dad! it has such a destructive and seductive power, that even Stan has embraced it.

American father! The episodes typically introduce a new personality for Roger Smith, the show’s resident alien, housemate, and the roving chaos engine. Yet even when most of his characters may lean toward dark comedy, there is one that stands out from the rest as perhaps his most vile and memorable identity: Ricky Spanish.

Ricky Spanish first appeared in season 7, episode 17, “Ricky Spanish”. After lecturing Steve that sometimes things are really disgusting and there is no possibility of redemption, Roger bumps into his old character: Ricky. This person is a devious and unpredictable figure within Langley Falls, and everyone in town has a reason to hate him, but Steve promises to redeem Ricky’s name, only for Ricky to betray Steve and make him the scapegoat for a heist. of jeans.

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Ricky is one of Roger’s most destructive characters, acting more malicious and unpredictable than Roger does anywhere else, which is saying something, since Roger has killed countless people over the years. The show even gives Ricky a unique motive, and any mention of his full name often results in quick flashes of his various crimes, ranging from attacking the elderly, setting a petting zoo on fire, and stealing candy from a child. Ricky’s free potential is so contagious that even others besides Roger have fallen into the trap of pleasing him.

In Season 13, Episode 13, “Personal Assistant”, a sickly Roger requires Stan to take over his characters, but his mediocre attempts only result in chaos erupting in Langley Falls. This requires Stan to adopt Ricky’s Spanish persona in an attempt to overwhelm anarchy, but Stan falls too much in love with the power he draws from the experience.

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This requires Roger, along with his newborn homunculus, Rogu, to repeat another of his people to fight him. Roger becomes Jeannie Gold from Season 6, Episode 6, “Shallow Vows”, revealing that she is actually destined to be Ricky’s sister. The three come to blows, with Rogu ending the fight by “killing” Stan. He cuts his throat with a knife, but in reality, he just ripped open Ricky’s Spanish costume and allowed Stan to get back to normal. There is something powerful about the kind of chaos one can bring as Ricky Spanish, which makes him one of the most dangerously addictive characters. Even Stan couldn’t help but do his best in this way.

Of all Roger’s characters, Ricky is perhaps one of the most memorable. It serves as the true identity for someone like Roger, giving him a darker edge than almost anyone else. It is an infectious power, which even corrupts Stan shortly after using it. He is also notably one of the few people who has “died” completely, which probably prevented Roger from using it again. However, if you do, it’s worth remembering how destructive and chaotic this version of the character can really be.

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