Reiner Braun was the Armored Titan and one of the most powerful characters in the original. Attack on Titan arches of history. Alongside Bertholdt, he wreaked havoc on the fortified city of Shiganshina, with the Scouts powerless to stop him at the time.

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A monster imbued with waterproof armor, it initially seemed as if the Eldian was unstoppable. By identifying the few characters in the anime even more powerful than him, we have a greater respect for Braun’s abilities and the impressive strength one must exert in order to hope to bring him down.

10 Kenny Ackermann was as skilled as Levi and would have access to Thunder Spears

Attack on Titan season 3 by Kenny Ackermann

Kenny Ackermann’s skill was demonstrated through his battle against Levi, where the two were evenly matched. He demonstrated a similar affinity with the ODM team as his prodigy, implying that he could avoid Reiner’s clumsy moves with success.

Although Kenny does not traditionally carry thunder spears on his person, he has the resources of the Reiss family at his disposal and has never entered a battle unprepared (as demonstrated in his first encounter with Levi in ​​the middle of town). Thus, it follows that he would bring explosives to the battlefield and use them to take down Reiner.

9 Rod Reiss was bigger and more durable than Reiner

Rod Reiss Titan Face Attack on Titan

In his titan form, Rod Reiss was even larger than the Colossal. It was equally durable, requiring dozens of explosives to detonate consecutively within his mouth to deal significant damage against his body.

This is in contrast to the exploits of Reiner, who can be destroyed by external damage and is only a scant fifty feet tall. It follows that Reiss would have little difficulty pulverizing it into his armor, breaking his plates with astonishing brute force.

8 Bertholdt greatly overshadows Reiner in both stature and talent

There are several reasons why Bertholdt would dominate Reiner in a direct fight. Most immediately apparent is the fact that the Colossal is four times taller than the Armored Titan and knocked Eren unconscious with a single kick (which had proven to be Braun’s match up to that point).

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Additionally, Hoover was an incredibly talented fighter outside of his titan status and one of Marley’s most promising warriors. By contrast, Reiner was barely selected to become the Armored Titan and only assumed the mantle due to Marcel’s intervention.

7 Lara Tybur had all of Reiner’s strengths without any of his weaknesses


Lara Tybur was the user of the War Hammer Titan. It was superior to the Armored in almost every way imaginable. Not only did it provide its user with considerably higher defenses with less cumbersome weight (concentrated in a thin but durable shell), but it can also produce giant stalagmites powerful enough to impale Eren with a single move.

Considering that Braun cannot leave and re-enter his titan form as quickly as Yeager, this would cause him a huge problem. Even if he could somehow defeat the Warhammer, he has no way of breaking through Lara’s crystal layer barrier.

6 Eren Yeager defeated Reiner almost instantly

No speculation is needed to determine the victor between Eren and Reiner. During the battle for Marley, they had a fateful confrontation immediately after Yeager prepared to devour the Jaw Titan.

Although Braun managed to retrieve Porco from his opponent, he was almost immediately unconscious. This was despite the fact that Eren had already reached his limit from the previous battles he had participated in (especially against Tybur).

5 Levi can move faster than Reiner would anticipate

Levi pounces on Reiner, determined to take him down.

Levi was the best scout in the series and a man who realistically should have killed Reiner. Unlike many other characters, he did not give Braun time to transform, ripping his throat with a sword.

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Had he applied an additional fraction of force, he could have beheaded the Eldian traitor long before he had a chance to draw blood and transform into his monstrous state. Even if he were to become the Armored Titan, Ackermann could defeat him with traditional explosives as the lesser Scouts did during Shiganshina’s recovery.

4 Zeke defeated Reiner to keep the warriors focused

Zeke was the owner of the Beast Titan, an imposing primate with daunting physical strength. Although one could assume that Reiner has the upper hand in a direct melee fight (especially without Pieck supplying Yeager with rocks), he was unable to defeat him prior to the second battle for Shiganshina when attempting to negotiate Annie’s freedom.

Unfortunately, the fight that occurred between them was not depicted. However, his results were decisive and convey that Zeke would overwhelm Reiner with little difficulty.

3 Armin is smarter and stronger than Reiner

Armin perfects what challenges may be innate to the Colossal Titan. He balances his incomparable strength with vast intelligence to create a genuinely unstoppable force of nature.

In a fight with Reiner, he would be less willing to hold back considering what Braun had done to his friends. Additionally, the Armored Titan has many of the same shortcomings against it as it did with Bertholdt, while also lacking the defenses to resist Armin or the reflexes to completely dodge him. Although its shell can provide a measure of protection against the Colossal’s vapor, it would be overpowered by sheer physical power.

two Frieda Reiss could control Reiner through the founding titan

Frieda Reiss Attack on Titan

Frieda Reiss was a descendant of the King of Paradis and a user of the founding Titan. While his inherent strength and durability may not be able to compete with Reiner’s strength, his special power to control other Eldians would immediately subdue him.

Considering that Braun is not an Ackermann and has never displayed particularly commendable willpower (having cracked under pressure in the battle for Utgard Castle), it follows that he would succumb to his will soon after, thus giving up the power. battle and eliminate any threats it might pose. .

one Annie Leonhart could defeat Reiner with agility and experience

Annie Leonhart, Attack on Titan

On the surface, Annie’s odds may seem bleak. Reiner has advantages in height, reach, strength and durability. However, Leonhart is a considerably more capable melee fighter and would destroy his plates by hardening his knuckles during his blows.

Considering that Eren used Annie’s tactics to defeat Reiner (only narrowly frustrated by Bertholdt), it follows that in an unhindered battle between the two Warriors, Leonhart would dominate him even more thoroughly. This is especially true if her fight takes place on the outskirts of Paradis, where she could summon pure titans to help her.

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Attack on Titan Bertholdt

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