Attack On Titan: 5 Anime Cities Bertholdt Could Destroy (& 5 He Couldn’t)

Bertholdt was the owner of the Colossal Titan, a sixty meter giant that was capable of destroying the walls of Shiganshina and ushering in an invasion. He was one of the strongest characters in the Attack on Titan universe, only defeated through Eren and Armin’s teamwork.

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However, the potential of the God of Destruction is limited by the few instances where he has had the opportunity to unleash his true form. By placing it in several different anime cities and evaluating how it would fare, we can better assess the power at its disposal.

10 Could destroy: Arabasta cannot use his best weapon (One Piece)

Arabasta was a desert city with an extremely militant population. If their rebels and loyalists were to unite, they would form a decent-sized army for anyone who threatened their home.

However, without ODM equipment or notable artillery, their meager weapons would not harm the Colossal. The only hope the desert nation would have is if they used the superweapon within their crypts. However, since Nico Robin is the only person capable of translating it, they are destined to die a fiery death.

9 Could not be destroyed: Konoha has too many talented shinobi for Bertholdt to deal with (Naruto)

Naruto Konoha Village

The majority Naruto the characters would fight to defeat Bertholdt on their own merits. Even the most experienced Hokage lacks the firepower to take down an enemy from sixty meters.

However, Naruto himself is an excellent exception to the rule, especially when his abilities are complemented by the other Blade shinobi. Sasuke would be particularly decisive in taking down Bertholdt because his Amaterasu will continue to burn and expand until it completely consumes its original target (as demonstrated through his fight against Killer Bee).

8 Could Destroy – Yorknew City’s Best Defenders Are Barely Stronger Than Average Gangsters (Hunter X Hunter)

Yorknew City was home to many crime families. They would converge for an auction designed to generate sympathy and demonstrate the respective powers of their organizations.

When the Ghost Company attacked, their greatest weapon was the Shadow Beasts, a unit that failed to defeat even Uvogin. Since Bertholdt’s strength vastly outstrips that of the villain, and since the Zoldyck family couldn’t come to his defense in the blink of an eye, the Colossal could destroy Yorknew long before his murderous saviors arrived.

7 Could not be destroyed: Wall Sheena would have prepared the defenders (Attack on Titan)

Bertholdt’s success against the outer walls is due only to a specific number of circumstances. Paradis had known peace for an entire century until their attack, so they were unprepared when it finally came to lay waste.

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Furthermore, the innermost wall would have the highest concentration of defenders. Since Eren, Levi, and the rest of the Scouts don’t have to focus on a wide perimeter and could focus all their attention against Bertholdt, he would be exhausted long before the final barrier collapses. Without Reiner’s help, the battle would be severely slanted against him.

6 Could destroy: Amestris alchemists don’t have the firepower to stop it (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Roy Mustang, Alex Armstrong and the Elric brothers are the best state soldiers in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe. However, none of them have shown enough firepower to take down the Colossal Titan, and most of their attacks can span the side of a building (being charitable).

Ironically, the people most qualified to defeat the Colossal are Scar (who would refuse to save a nation he hates) and Fuhrer King Bradley. However, since the latter cannot regenerate like other homunculi, it would be repelled by Bertholdt’s steam.

5 Couldn’t Destroy – The Defenders of Soul Society are numerous and indescribably powerful (bleach)

The many champions of Soul Society are able to protect it from Bertholdt’s advance. While its natural walls may not be difficult to take down (easily overpowering the guardian, Jidanbo), its captains would conveniently tear it apart.

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Kenpachi Zaraki and Byakuya have specifically shown a talent for defeating the giants, as evidenced by their victory against Yammy Llargo (whose unprecedented spiritual pressure poses its own challenge). Therefore, they should have little difficulty destroying Bertholdt before he could wreak more havoc.

4 Could Destroy: None of the Cairo booth users are a decent counter to the colossal (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo Bizarre Stardust Crusaders DIO's Castle Cairo

Assuming DIO’s servants are responsible for protecting Cairo if attacked (as it would endanger their master), none of them have the potency to bring down the Colossal.

Vanilla Ice and DIO would be powerless to stop him if he decided to attack during the day, D’arby the Player’s Stand is ill-equipped to defeat Bertholdt, and the Pet Shop couldn’t collapse the invader on its own with the strength of its Stand. .

3 Could not be destroyed: Liones is protected by the seven deadly sins and other powerful knights (seven deadly sins)

Liones doesn’t have as many defenses as other cities in the anime. His standard knights, though brave, failed to repel the Demon King’s monstrous invasion through their own efforts.

However, the Seven Deadly Sins would prove to be more than a match for Bertholdt. Merlin could protect them from their initial transforming blast with his perfect cube and King could petrify him with his Chastiefol. Perhaps most importantly, Escanor could pierce through the Colossal’s steam, ravaging it in a cruel sun – an attack devastating enough to incinerate huge lakes with a single volley.

two Could destroy: Musutafu is not built to withstand an invasion (My Hero Academia)

Musutafu was the city that All Might and the other professional heroes defend in the My hero academia universe. Despite its many guardians, it is not built to stop invasions, but for modernized living.

None of Japan’s champions would be able to defeat Bertholdt. All Might has retired and Edgeshot was unable to enter his titan due to the steam he emits. Only Endeavor could pose a threat, although if caught in the radius of the initial blast, it would likely be killed.

1 Could not be destroyed: Esdeath and the emperor are able to defend the empire (Akame Ga Kill!)

The Empire was the capital of oppression in Akame Ga Kill! Between his monarch and General Esdeath, he is very well defended. The former is capable of creating unprecedented destruction through the prowess of his Imperial Weapons, and the latter brought down giants with anatomy similar to Bertholdt’s.

Additionally, Esdeath’s affinity for ice would allow him a respite from Hoover’s steam (in a similar vein to how the Scouts doused themselves with water before facing the smoking Titan Reiss). Using his ability to stop time to supplement his already formidable defenses, he could defeat the Colossal before succumbing to its flames.

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