Queen Victoria Larson and Catalina Morales started one of the biggest fights of The Bachelor’s Matt James season. Now, they are burying the ax.

Queen Victoria Larson snatched the crown from Catalina Morales when they met on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, but these co-stars have decided to end their feud. From the very first night, Victoria made sure everyone referred to her as a “queen.” After stepping out of her limo with a crown, Victoria got used to referencing her title that she had given herself and the crown that she had brought for the show. Matt seemed to have fun with Victoria and praised her confidence throughout the season.

On the other hand, fans spent the entire season attacking Queen Victoria. “harassment” on The Bachelor and hoping that Matt James would get it before it was too late. But the drama of season 25 was further escalated when Catalina Morales was chosen as the new contestant. Catalina met Matt while wearing the crown she had earned by winning Miss Puerto Rico 2015. But when Queen Victoria saw another contestant looking like a queen, she snatched the crown from Catalina and placed it on her own head. The scene was, to put it mildly, extremely embarrassing.

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Unfortunately, it has been many, many months since Matt James’s season of The Bachelor was filmed, which means these contestants are now trying to leave it all behind. On each of their respective Instagram profiles, Queen Victoria Larson and Catalina Morales shared a photo of themselves together and wrote captions announcing the official end of their on-screen feud. Victoria wrote: “All is well in the royal kingdom as the two queens make up after realizing that they haven’t even met their kings!” In turn, Catalina wrote: “Holding a grudge does not make you strong; it makes you bitter. Forgiveness does not weaken you, it frees you.”

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As the winner of a Miss Puerto Rico pageant, it is probably not the first time that Catalina Morales has ended a fight with a fellow competitor. Victoria Larson has also done her best to make amends with the people she hurt during filming. The Bachelor, so this is also part of the postseason behavior that the so-called “Queen” has been exhibiting in recent weeks. Many fans thought that what Victoria did was childish, but it seems that Catalina is ready to overcome that situation.

After the way the Matt James season The Bachelor finished, it seems that the stars that appeared in it just want to play well and lower the temperature inside the Bachelor Nation. This was a great gesture from Victoria and Catalina to show that a singular moment cannot define a friendship, and that the co-stars can support each other even if things get a little out of hand during a dating competition.

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