Batman comic reveals surprising villain defeats dark knight

In Batman / Catwoman # 4, the continued success of a certain villain long after Batman’s death proves that the Dark Knight was unable to bring him to justice.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman / Catwoman # 4

Long after bat Mandeath, the Penguin He is not only a free man, but also quite rich, probably as a result of his never giving up a life of crime. Readers can easily come to the conclusion that the Dark Knight was unable to defeat the mob boss when an elderly Selina and her grown daughter Helena Wayne confront him separately in Batman / Catwoman # 4 written by Tom King with art by Clay Mann.

Both confrontations with the Penguin are quite different. Helena arrives at Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot in hopes of discovering her mother’s relationship with Joker, while Selina arrives to make sure her daughter never finds out the truth. Each time, Penguin is surrounded by balaclava-armed guards, automatically ruling out the possibility of Cobblepot engaging in legitimate business operations. Meanwhile, Penguin’s continued success as a crime lord becomes apparent during Selina’s visit, as she finds him dining lavishly in what appears to be a very safe room.

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Unfortunately, Batman’s failure as a crime vigilante isn’t limited to just the Penguin. The future of Gotham described in this issue is infested with criminals who are still at large no matter how long it has been. Based on Selina’s age, one might assume that most of them would have been executed or at least imprisoned by now. But that is not the case. The Joker is retired and has been living in his own home, while Tweedledum and Tweedledee are in a nursing home rather than a mental hospital, making it seem like they were never charged with a crime. What’s worse, the ventriloquist is with them Y Scarface. Meanwhile, Mr. Freeze is in stasis in his own laboratory and Clayface appears to be free. The only criminal behind bars is a villain whose identity remains hidden.

The status of these criminals proves that Batman did not bring them to justice, especially the Penguin., that he is still a very active and successful mobster. The real irony, however, is that the worst are treated in a way that Batman desperately tried to avoid. This is exemplified when Catwoman murders the Penguin and Joker in cold blood.

During his heyday, Batman continually strove to ensure that the criminal justice system punished these villains to the fullest extent of the law. This vision did not include murder in any way. And yet her son’s mother not only makes sure that these villains never see justice, she also does exactly what Batman didn’t want, all for her own selfish reasons. And that will be forever bat Manis the biggest failure.

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