Batman v Superman writer reveals origin of controversial Lois Lane line

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice co-writer Chris Terrio reveals real-world inspiration for a controversial Lois Lane line in the film.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Co-writer Chris Terrio has revealed the real-world inspiration for one of Lois Lane’s most controversial lines in the film.

“There’s a line at the beginning of the movie where a warlord tells Lois Lane, ‘They didn’t tell me the interview was with a lady.’ And Lois responds: ‘I’m not a lady, I’m a journalist,’ “Terrio explained to Vanity fair. “So one critic held this line as positive proof of my stupidity and inability to write to Lois, or to write at all.”

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“Well, the character of Lois in the movie was inspired by the journalist Marie Colvin, who of course was murdered in Syria,” Terrio continued. “In my opinion, she was one of the most fearless journalists who ever lived. And there is a story in Vanity Fair, ‘Marie Colvin’s Private War.’ [by Marie Brenner], and the line that Lois says is almost exactly the line that was in that article, where a Chechen warlord said he wouldn’t shake her hand because she was a woman. Marie Colvin replied: “There is no woman in this room, only a journalist.” So that line was my tribute to her. But then in the accumulation, a line like that holds up as proof positive that I don’t understand women or journalists or human beings, and that I’m a shitty writer. “

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Besides co-writing Batman v superman, Terrio wrote the script for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, he co-wrote Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and won an Oscar for writing 2012 Argo, a dramatic thriller about the CIA’s secret operation to rescue six American citizens during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. During his interview with Vanity fair, Terrio expressed his frustrations with the theatrical montage of Batman v superman, saying it eliminated “30 minutes that give the characters motivation for climaxes.” He also admitted that he hates the title, explaining: “The intention of the movie was to do something interesting, dark and complex, not like Las Vegas, stir ’em up, WWE wrestling like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

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As for League of JusticeTerrio said he was so frustrated after seeing Joss Whedon’s theatrical cut that he tried to have his writing credit taken away. Although it was too late in the process for him to do that, Terrio feels it was probably for the best and said, “I think it would have created a whole wave of negative publicity that I think would have made the situation worse for the actors, and for all the artisans. who worked on it, for all kinds of people. But I’m so happy that Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut is the one at the top of my IMDb page. “

Source: Vanity fair

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