Batman’s newest partner already has an AMAZING rogues gallery

Ghost-Maker, Batman’s new ally, has been a secretly active hero for years, already having an impressive rogues gallery of his own.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story “Ghost-Maker: Chapter 1” from Batman # 107 by James Tunion IV, Ricardo López Ortiz, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles, now on sale.

The Ghost Maker is just one of the new heroes introduced to the DC Universe, with a deep connection to Batman that quietly makes him an equal to the Dark Knight. Turns out, he even has his own gallery of rogues, who just made their debut in one of the most exciting ways possible.

In bat Man # 197, Ghost-Maker takes on five of his most dangerous and consistent foes, creating an entirely new group of future DC villains.

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After the Joker War, Batman faced an old rival, the Ghost Maker. A skilled and adventurous warrior who had proven himself to be a legendary (and deadly) hero on the other side of the world, Ghost-Maker was slowly revealed to have been a friend of Bruce Wayne when he traveled the world in his youth, learning skills. . to become Batman. The pair became close friends, but when the future Ghost Maker, who saw heroism more as an outlet than a cause, learned of Bruce’s origins, he turned against him and became his rival. Arriving in Gotham to try to take Batman’s place, the Dark Knight proved his worth to Ghost-Maker, before asking for his help and recruiting him to his cause. This has prompted Ghost-Maker to work within Gotham City, while still dealing with his own personal enemies.

While flying over the China Sea, Ghost-Maker’s AI icon is able to identify five of its main enemies on Devil Skull Island. The old island is the base of operations for Madame Midas, who has become the newest target for Ghost-Maker. Madame Midas, dating back to her family lineage to the founders of the East India Trading Company, is the richest woman in the world. She has remained off the radar of top heroes by choice, preferring instead to remain hidden and accumulate impossible wealth. But with the Ghost-Maker now targeting her, and already costing her over $ 100 billion in ruined commerce, the secret pirate queen of the DC Universe wants to be shot down.

Since most of the mercenaries who know the Ghost Maker refuse to deal with him for fear of losing their lives, Madame Midas has gathered four mercenaries who have faced the Ghost Maker in the past and escaped alive. Each of the four has a unique design and power set, suggesting the wide variety of enemies Ghost-Maker has faced over the years – the instigator is a martial arts master and terrorist, who has magically transformed into a huge crocodile. / hybrid man. His suggestion that he might turn himself in to August-General-In-Iron suggests that Instigator has some sort of connection to the Big Ten, China’s leading superhero team.

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Besides him, there is another mystical menace, the mysterious and seemingly demonic Razorline, which is suggested to be an otherworldly horror confined behind a black cloak. Kid Kawaii is a seemingly young killer robot from Japan, with a Ferro-Fluid element that probably makes her much more agile. Kid Kawaii also seems to have a certain sense of respect for Ghost-Maker, noting how impressive it was that the last time they fought she had destroyed three city blocks before he could reach her and disable her central processor. Finally, his most direct and pessimistic enemy appears to be Brainstorm, a genetically engineered telekinetic. With glowing yellow eyes, Brainstorm points out that with little information on where Ghost-Maker operates, there is little they can do to bring it down.

This is when Madame Midas reveals that she was the one who planted clues to his whereabouts on Devil Skull Island, hoping to overwhelm him with all of her collective lethal abilities. Upon landing, Ghost-Maker faces the first of many challenges, Madame Midas’ robotic tiger sentinels. As that threat suggests, this is an incredibly fun introduction to the wild corner of the DC Universe that Ghost-Maker apparently inhabits, and hopefully it’s not the only one. It’s an engaging way to introduce a number of different villains, who could easily play roles in future stories with other characters. Madame Midas, in particular, is a very powerful concept for future stories. It’s an exciting new rogue gallery for one of DC’s most mysterious new heroes, and he’s great at it.

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