Find out why these longtime fans think they know the secret to Big Brother’s success. Should Big Brother contestants take their advice?

Dedicated Eldest brother viewers share their tips on how to win the popular competition show. Eldest brother is currently casting the cast for season 23. This is the first time the show has cast new guests in nearly two years. Last summer, the show brought back some of the best players from the past 21 seasons. They competed in the All the stars season. Many fans believe this was because it was too difficult to hold casting auditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As fans prepare for a new season, presumably with new guests, they fear that the casting team will not pick the right people. In the past, there have been numerous casting options that turned out to be a huge disappointment to viewers. Fans have been talking quite a bit about what they do and what they don’t want to see during the upcoming season. Some past guests have also shared their advice on casting. James Rhines advised applicants to leave Twitter, while former winner Nicole Franzel told applicants to go themselves. However, fans are not just commenting on the casting. They also share their opinions on how the game should be played.

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Many Eldest brother the fans took to Reddit to share your tips on the smartest ways to take home the $ 500,000 grand prize. The main advice was to focus on listening rather than speaking. When they listen to what others are saying, players can use the information to their advantage in the future. If a player talks too much, they may be caught lying. They can also put their alliances at risk. Fans think that players should take note of the specific questions that are asked in the Journal Room. On the other hand, thinking too much about what happens in the Diary Room is not a good idea. It can mentally damage a player.

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When it comes to alliances, players must strive to become part of the great 8-person alliance that normally forms on the first day of being in the house. Players who want to win and enjoy spending their cash prizes should also try to be somewhat friendly with everyone in the house. While it’s nice to align with a core group of players, a guest shouldn’t rule out potential friendships with people outside of an alliance. By being friendly to everyone in the house, it is easier for a player to stay under the radar when it comes to nominations. Another great tip is to study everything. This includes other guests, contests, and things around the house. All of this revolves around the last competitions in the game, which tend to be the most important.

Many fans of Eldest brother They have been watching the show since the first season in 2000. Although Season 1 was different from the current format, longtime viewers have seen some players do all the right things to win. They have seen other guests do all the wrong things and lose. A release date for Eldest brother Season 23 has yet to be announced.

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