Christopher Meloni is trending on Twitter as fans can’t stop talking about his butt

Law & Order: Organized crime actor Christopher Meloni is trending on Twitter thanks to a now-viral set photo highlighting the star’s assets.

Law and order: organized crime Star Christopher Meloni has caused a stir on Twitter, trending after a photo from the set highlighted the actor’s butt. Meloni has been on the minds of many viewers lately when she made her return to the world of Law. Her character Elliot Stabler worked alongside Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson for the first twelve seasons of SVU. However, Meloni decided to retire at the time and Stabler was absent from the show for almost 10 years. That changed with the recent Law: SVU crossover, which brought Meloni back to mount his new series, Organized crime.

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Unfortunately, it was the murder of Stabler’s wife, Kathy, that prompted his return. After she dies in a car bomb destined for him, Stabler joins the organized crime task force as they search for those responsible for Kathy’s murder. Despite the tragic reason his character returned, Law Viewers have enthusiastically supported Meloni’s return, especially eager for her reunion with Benson. With that now behind them, they’ve gone on to celebrate Meloni in a different way.

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It started when Twitter used PeterNHess shared a photo of Meloni taken on set that offered a good look at the actor’s butt. The photo soon went viral, causing Meloni to become a trend. Adding to the hilarity, Meloni He himself commented on both the photo and the trend, which came just a few days after he celebrated his 60th birthday. Check out the set image and Meloni’s response below:

The trend shows how difficult it is to predict what will resonate with Twitter users. Help the Law & Order: SVU Y Organized crime The crossover happened so recently, which means the shows and Meloni were already a hot topic of conversation prior to the set photo release. Also, during the tough events of last year, many are looking for lighter topics to discuss on Twitter, and Meloni’s butt fits the bill.

Like season 1 of Law and order: organized crime It’s only just begun, viewers are likely to expect even more photos to be posted online. While they are unlikely to get the same attention as this one, they could tease what awaits Stabler for the rest of the season. Law creator Dick Wolf has already talked about Organized crime favoring longer story arcs, which should help set it apart from the rest of the franchise. Hopefully viewers will be able to test this as Law and order: organized crime season 1 continues.

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