Critical role: 10 times Vox Machina dominated the role play

When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, very few groups can be compared with Critical role central group. Regardless of the characters they play, they manage to bring them to life in an entertaining way to watch. All six members of Vox Machina are amazing role players who know how to entertain.

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Although there are more than ten cases, each session has a moment that makes it appear that the group has mastered the art of role play.

10 Black Powder Trader Introduction Shows How Great Matt Mercer Is

Victor's Critical Roll

Art by: Kit buses

This is one of the best presentations of all Critical role, and it shows how skilled Matt Mercer is as a voice actor. He manages to bring the character to life, perfectly portraying everything you need to know about him with very little description required.

He also set him up in a way that made him feel like a real character rather than just an NPC, a feat that is difficult to accomplish with a character as far-fetched as a merchant usually is.

9 Vex accidentally shooting Scanlan proved that rolling a 1 can be as much fun as a 20.

Critical role of Vexahlia

Art by: Kit buses

For a game that is all about numbers, you often miss how much fun it can be to fail compared to succeed. As epic as killing the big boss can be, falling into a pit due to a 1 can be just as fun. That’s what happened when Vex tried to practice his archery while on top of a flying broom.

His second shot went off and hit the Scanlan group member in the neck, prompting a great role-play of a scene that was nothing more than filler.

8 Grog has a heart-to-heart conversation with Craven Edge

As a character, Grog is the perfect companion piece. He is never overbearing in scenes and contains the fact that he is a low-intelligence character at times when it is appropriate. However, the moments where just him and Scanlan are a gold mine of hilarity.

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Grog had Scanlan play a tune outside an outhouse to hide the noises, but actually, he took the opportunity to speak heart-to-heart with his evil sword, Craven’s Edge. It was the perfect amount of nonsense.

7 Keyleth plummets to his death, proving that all actions have consequences

Keyleth's critical role

Art by: Kit buses

Everything in this whole scene is amazing and an excellent example of why all actions should be thought of in Dungeons & Dragons games. Keyleth jumped off a Pochohontas-style cliff to retrieve an object from the water.

What Marisha, the player, didn’t take into account was how far the drop was and the fact that the cliff was steep. After all she would survive, it was a cliff that brought her down, and considering the laughter that followed, it was worth it.

6 Scanlan mistakes “spices” for “drugs” and spends an unholy amount of gold

While the others have their moments, Scanlan is the funniest member of the group. He is the typical charismatic bard who always gets into trouble.

Nothing oozed that out more than when he mistakenly thought the Fusaka spice was a drug, leading him to spend a ridiculous amount of gold on it in a clandestine deal with someone. Little did he know that spice was just that and it was no different from the curry powder you’d find in a supermarket.

5 Vex that emerges from under the water in Percy’s bathroom is the maximum critical role upgrade

Vex_Critical Role

Art by: Olivia sampson

As a group, Critical role does an amazing job of mixing humor with moving scenes, just like most Marvel movies. In this case, Vax was having an incredibly awkward conversation with Percy in the bathrooms.

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He was telling Percy how much he meant to him and how he saw him as a brother before he left. As soon as he was gone, Vex shot out of the water out of breath, causing the entire group to burst out laughing.

4 Scanlon falls in love with Percy to the delight of the live crowd

Critical role Percy

Vax gets Scanlon to ingest a love potion, forcing him to fall madly in love with the first person he sees. The effects only last for an hour, and it’s a good thing because nothing would ever be done. Everything about this moment is amazing, and it shows how great the whole group is at RPGs.

They manage to wow an entire live audience with just their interactions, and it’s not hard to see why. The contributions Matt Mercer makes with his description and tearing up his notes are also fantastic.

3 Scanlan uses a counterspell to prevent Vecna ​​from teleporting, ruining her chance to use the wish to save Vax.

Critical role of Vecna

Art by: Stephen Oakley

Vecna ​​was the great evil of Vox Machina, a lich hell-bent on bringing chaos and destruction. During the final battle, it looked like he was going to teleport, escaping the defeat won at the hands of the group. To stop him, Scanlan used a level nine counterspell.

On its own, that would have been a standard play, but it’s the fact that it took away the opportunity to save Vax that made it so moving. Anguish was written all over Sam’s face afterward.

two Scanlon uses the wish to allow Vax to say a few words at Vex and Percy’s wedding in a moment of tears.

Scanlon was finally able to use his wish in a one-shot after the main campaign was bittersweet and beautiful. What makes it all the more poignant is that it’s totally player-driven – Matt Mercer has very little to do with it, other than setting the scene.

The sheer emotion in this scene from everyone present was exactly what makes Vox Machina such a beloved group and why Critical role It is so cool. All the players really felt like their characters.

1 Vax’s soul being claimed by the Raven Queen is so emotional that it doesn’t matter if everyone knew it was coming.

Raven Queen Dnd

When the Raven Queen comes to claim Vax, it turns into one of the most emotional scenes in Critical role, which shows that even knowing the destination does not make it easier to handle.

All the goodbyes were moving, showing the bonds formed throughout their journey, particularly Vax’s with Keyleth, who fully admitted how much she loved him. As with many great moments in Critical role, it’s one completely driven by gamers reacting to a scene that Matt introduced.

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