Days Gone Studio is working on a new game, but it’s probably not a sequel

A new report reveals that Bend Studios, the developers behind the PS4 exclusive Days Gone, are working on a new game, but it’s not likely a sequel.

A recent report claims that the study behind 2019 Past days is working on a new game, but it is unlikely to be a sequel. Bend Studio, the Oregon-based developer most famous for its open world Past days game and your work on Uncharted: Golden AbyssNow he seems to be working on something new, while distancing himself from Sony.

When Past days Released in 2019 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, it received lukewarm to average reviews. While many enjoyed the open world map and the murderous Freaker (not Zombie) rampages available to them, others found the lack of a solid story to ground the entire experience as a disappointment. Independently, Past days made a profit, and it was recently announced that the title is coming to PC as well, as part of Sony’s shift to make its exclusive titles available to a wider audience.

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It has been reported that Bend Studios had actually released a sequel to Past days to Sony the same year it was released. After all, the game ended with several loose ends that lent themselves to a follow-up. Unfortunately for fans of Past daysHowever, this sequel does not seem likely. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the tone was rejected as “The development of (Days Gone) had been long and the critical reception was mixed, so Days Gone 2 was not seen as a viable option.. “The same report goes on to say that Bend Studios subsequently split into two teams. One team went to work on a new multiplayer game with Naughty Dog and a team.”was assigned to work on a new Uncharted game with the supervision of Naughty Dog.

Days gone deacon

These changes left a bitter taste in the mouths of many at Bend Studios, resulting in various team members leaving their assigned projects. According to the Bloomberg report, the Bend developers “I was afraid they might be sucked into Naughty Dog“And as such they requested to be removed from the production of the Unexplored job. Now, the team is said to be working on a new game of their own, but what this game may be remains a mystery.

The Bloomberg report sent shockwaves through the gaming industry this morning. Along with the news that Bend Studios has had its relationship somewhat tarnished with Sony, there are also reports that Sony repeatedly favors larger companies (like Naughty Dog) over smaller but equally capable teams. Others are said to have had a similar experience to Bend Studio and Sony did not acknowledge its existence or provide the funds necessary to support the vision for a game. Sony has not released a statement on this report as of this writing.

While the future of Past days seems not to exist, it will be interesting to see what Bend Studio decides to do next. Until then, however, players will soon be able to experience Past days back on PC, along with other previous PlayStation 4 exclusives, such as Horizon zero dawn.

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Past days It is available now for PlayStation 4 and is scheduled for release on PC this quarter.

Source: Bloomberg

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