Destiny 2 Iron Banner Weapons Revealed for Next Season

Destiny 2’s Iron Banner event will add new themed weapons and armor, including some previous items returning to the game.

All-new items for this month’s Iron Banner season in Destiny 2 have been revealed, including some old returning favorites. New armor and weapon sets will be added to the game once the Iron Banner season begins, with in-game currency to be earned and spent.

Destiny 2The Iron Banner is a limited-time Crucible event, which runs once a month for a full week. This mode is a bit different from normal Crucible games, and it’s rewarding. Destination players who have been progressing to higher levels while keeping level perks enabled. Usually in the Crucible all players are balanced, while here players can show off their well-earned superiority. At first Lord Saladin would oversee the event, but the Iron Banner is now run by Lady Efrideet, who runs the event shop where players can hand out Iron Banner tokens for new shaders, emblems, weapons, and armor. Guardians must be at least level 40 or part of a fire team to participate.

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Bungie has revealed what the developers have in store for Destiny 2 players on this month’s Iron Banner in a new blog post. While there was a picture of the weapons on the post, the developers are keeping most of the details quiet, without revealing exactly which weapons will be returning. All that is known is that two of the weapons will be weapons that were previously on the Iron Banner. Based on the image, it can be inferred that the returning weapons will be the FINITE impactor and the Occluded Purpose, a hand cannon and a sniper rifle. Both weapons are from the Warmind expansion in Year 1 Destination.

The other two weapons in the image appear to be a shotgun and a machine gun. Not much is known about them, but it could be assumed that these weapons will gain a new set of perks during Season 14, just like other previous Iron Banner weapons. Iron Banner themed armor is also mentioned in the post. In the past, Bungie has relaunched older Iron Banner armor sets with updated mechanics to suit the Amor 2.0 mod system, so it makes sense that the new Iron Banner armor would receive the same treatment. Destination Players should note that these Iron Banner themed sets can only be earned during the Iron Banner with the specific Iron Banner currency obtained through matches and rewards.

The next Iron Banner in Destiny 2 It will begin on April 13 and will last a whole week. The current season of Destiny 2, Season 14 will end on May 11. Until then, Guardians can still earn the limited-time rewards and gear from these events.

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