Fortnite Season 6 has entered its fourth week, which means players are given another week of epic and legendary challenges to complete for XP.

Season 6 of Fortnite is entering its fourth week, which means a new set of weekly challenges has arrived. Unlike the previous three weeks, this week’s challenges are a hodgepodge of different game mechanics. No more Easter-themed challenges or learning about new mechanics for the season. If this week’s challenges had a theme, it would be “destruction” as players are asked to shoot, burn, and throw both animals and people.

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Fortnite Season 6 has an overriding theme and the biggest change introduced this season is the addition of a crafting system. Wild animals can be tamed or hunted to craft materials, and new structures around the map can be destroyed to collect animal bones or mechanical parts. The map also has an overriding theme with large buildings made of bones and remains, and The Spire in the center of the map contains secrets that are the key to understanding The Seven and the purpose of Zero Point. History aside, here are the eight Fortnite Epic and Legendary Missions of Week 4.

Every Season 6 Week 2 Epic and Legendary Mission in Fortnite

Agent Jones tames a wolf in Fortnite season 6

Not every week during a season of Fortnite can offer the most consistent and story-based missions. Some weeks are full of mindless tasks for the sole purpose of providing players with more XP. That’s definitely the case this week, as most of the challenges are ordinary damage to players or quest chest challenges. However, there are also some wacky challenges, like throwing animals across the map and burning buildings. Regardless, here are this week’s challenges.

Epic challenges

  • Set Burning Structures x 10
  • Search Chests x 7
  • Eliminate opponents with weapons of rare rarity or higher x 3
  • Shockwave Wildlife using a Shockwave grenade or bow
  • Tame animals in different matches x 3
  • Deal damage to opponents with the Recycler x 1000
  • Revive a teammate

Legendary challenges

  • Deal Damage with Ancient Weapons x 2500
  • Deal Damage with Ancient Weapons x 5,000
  • Deal Damage with Ancient Weapons x 7500
  • Deal Damage with Ancient Weapons x 10,000
  • Deal Damage with Ancient Weapons x 12,500

Each epic challenge will reward players with 24 thousand experience points, and each legendary challenge will reward players with 24.5 thousand experience points, except for the first one that is worth 35 thousand. A total of 301k experience points are up for grabs for those who complete each week 4 challenge.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android.

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