Everything In Overwatch’s Archives 2021 Event

The Overwatch’s Archives 2021 event takes players back in time to play co-op missions and unlock new Legendary skins, emotes, tags, and more.

It’s Archives season in Supervision one more time. From now until April 27, players can take part in three cooperative story missions in the arcade, unlock new story-inspired skins, and earn any Supervision unlockables from files from previous years. While there isn’t a new mission for players this year, Blizzard has made a few tweaks to the three existing Archives experiences to turn things around. The method of unlocking weekly challenge skins has also changed, possibly inspiring more people to take another look at the co-op.

Even veterans of the Supervision Archive missions will have challenges awaiting them this year. In Uprising, players can experience Bulletproof Barriers, a modifier that makes Omnic Energy Shields impenetrable to incoming fire. In Retribution, there are Sympathy Gains, which causes damage taken to one enemy to heal surrounding enemies. Finally, in Storm Rising, Thunderstorm’s enemies can damage groups of players with ease. Each week of the Archives event will feature one of the new missions and offer double credit to players.

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A new weekly challenge skin can be unlocked after players earn stars in Archives missions, and each week will have a featured mission that will allow players to unlock challenge rewards faster. Lucio Corridor, Subaquatic Zenyatta, and Camouflage Mercy will be available via this method, in that order, as the weeks progress, each skin requires 30 stars to unlock.

Overwatch Archives 2021’s New Legendary Skins

In addition to the new emotes, tags, voice lines, and player icons, there are five new Legendary skins to collect from Loot Boxes during Archives 2021. Each skin is inspired by real-world history; Tracer and Soldier Cavalry: 1776 dress in the Revolutionary War garb of their home countries, while Mousquetaire Widowmaker takes up arms as a musketeer. Bushi Genji lends a set of samurai to the swordsman’s wardrobe, and Polyanitsa Zarya gives the laser-armed Russian an armored look. Each skin can also be purchased for 3,000 coins, and players can earn legendary looks from previous years’ events for 1,000 coins.

With Blizzard still hard at work on SupervisionThe upcoming sequel, this year’s Archives event is slightly lighter than previous incarnations. Still, there are several great new skins for fans of the game, especially those who want to give Tracer a more literal meaning. “the cavalry is here“catchphrase. The additions to co-op missions may hint at some of the ideas Blizzard will implement in Overwatch 2is the cooperative campaign, so anyone who is excited about the sequel may want to log in sometime this month. But in just three weeks, all of these Supervision the skins will be history.

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