Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida goes live drinking wine, baking cookies, and playing his MMORPG on Twitch.

Director of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida, has joined Twitch with a new cooking show, featuring you baking cookies, drinking wine, and playing your MMORPG online. This broadcast was a whole new look at the game director’s personal life and home, as well as his personal taste for wine.

Under the Square Enix publishing house, Final fantasy 14 is directed and produced by Yoshida himself, and is widely seen as the game’s savior after a disastrous initial release. Previously he worked in various Dragon quest titles and continues to work on Final fantasy 14 eight years after the launch of the MMORPG, including all the major expansions and updates over the years. Now Yoshida has been chosen by Square Enix to handle the next Final Fantasy qualification, Final Fantasy XVI, on which he currently works as a producer alongside director Hiroshi Takai.

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The FF14 The director recently used the NGC_the_Twitch Twitch channel to broadcast yourself live online, welcoming an audience to your home and oven. During the broadcast, the Japanese director spent over an hour baking cookies from scratch on a theme Final fantasy 14 black magician apron and sipping a 2018 Napa Valley red wine. Spent over seven hours live streaming in total, playing FF14’s Unreal Titan challenge and answer to fan questions from the chat. The cookie recipe that Yoshida made while steaming has been translated by a Twitter user. Aitaikimochi, who posted the recipe in English online. During the broadcast, Yoshida commented that his wine choice, the 2018 Napa Valley Red Wine, goes very well with these cookies. Now that the recipe is available, fans will be able to determine this for themselves.

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Yoshida joined some of his Free Compay friends on the broadcast, playing the Unreal Titan trail together a few times. While together as a team they struggled to overcome the path, which retells the classic encounter between the Warrior of Light and the Titan, they finally prevailed and gained access to the Faux Hollows. Yoshida showed his playing skills in the game he directed and produced, but he also fought against many of the same elements as the players in Final fantasy 14 I often have difficulty with.

While fans were able to see more of Yoshida’s home life and playstyle, there is no news on the current development of Final Fantasy 16 was revealed during their long stream. Fans of the series will just have to wait and see if Yoshida will broadcast again and if he is willing to discuss the development of the game. Meanwhile, a beta version of Final fantasy 14 on PS5 it will arrive in April.

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Fountain: NGC_the_Twitch, Aitaikimochi

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