Fire Force: 10 Strongest Heroes Unaffiliated with Company Eight, Ranked

The Eight Company was a group dedicated to investigating other divisions of Haijima in addition to their traditional duties in the Fire force universe. It houses Shinra Kusakabe, the protagonist of the series and one of the Eight Pillars.

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While Captain Obi’s unit may have been the most proactive against the Clothed in White, they certainly weren’t the only ones mobilizing against them. By analyzing the heroes of the series outside of Company Eight and organizing them by force, we can better appreciate how well protected Tokyo is from the underground cultists lurking just below the surface of society.

10 Konro was a legend, but his body limits his ability

Konro was a veteran fire soldier and member of Company Seven deeply respected by Benimaru (a difficult feat, given the man’s formidable strength). Although he was once a legendary warrior, he spent his body beyond its limit during his fight against a treacherous infernal demon.

As a result, he developed Tephrosis, a condition that severely weakened him and prohibited the use of his Third Generation abilities. However, Konra remains an experienced fighter and a valuable ally.

9 Juggernaut was durable and possessed tremendous firepower

Juggernaut was a powerful fiery soldier who could focus flames on huge artillery shells. With multiple layers of clothing, it was extremely difficult to damage him, as demonstrated through his fights against Tempe and Orochi.

Despite his equally impressive offense and defense, the youngster is limited by his own cowardice. Often times, he will spend the majority of any battle fleeing adversity, limiting his usefulness in a team environment. However, he is willing to put his anxiety aside when his loved ones are threatened, a phenomenon that has proven especially true when defending Tamaki.

8 Hibana’s scholarly knowledge and experience serve you well

Hibana was the captain of Company Five and a woman obsessed with knowledge. She could create flower-like flames through her ignition ability in such abundance that they could smother the battlefield in a matter of moments.

However, he displayed disappointing durability and combat prowess during his battle against Shinra Kusakabe. He was able to defeat her in one fell swoop, piercing her flowers in the process. Considering that this was at the beginning of the series and before the young fire soldier honed his skills with Benimaru, this speaks without affection of her ability as a fighter.

7 Gustav Honda was durable but had an inefficient fighting style

Gustav Honda joined Company Eight’s mission during the second Nether Raid and proved to be a valuable ally. Despite your experience and strength, many of your limitations stem from how you choose to use your skills.

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The man prefers to crush his crown against his enemies, sometimes concentrating intense flames on the top of his head to magnify the damage done. However, this is a precarious tactic against threats with high mobility and damage capacity such as Orochi. Its poor ignition ability limits how effectively it can lend its abilities to any battle.

6 Ogun Montgomery is an exceptional warrior with a time limit

Ogun was a member of Company Four that joined Shinra, Tamaki, and Juggernaut on their mission to find a second Amaterasu on the Chinese peninsula. His ignition ability prodigiously enhanced his strength to such an extent that he was able to compete with Tempe as Kusakabe established his Adolla Link.

However, Ogun’s inherent physical attacks weren’t enough to defeat the White-Clad demon, and his body is under enormous strain while he is augmented. These limitations prevent him from being one of the strongest characters in the series.

5 Soichiro Hague was a captain with experience and durability

Soichiro Hague was the captain of Company Four and a man who possessed unusually high durability. He was able to withstand multiple blasts of energy from a hysterical Shinra Kusakabe without taking palpable damage (even if the blows were softened by one of his subordinates).

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Additionally, the captain proved formidable in most forms of weaponry, including axes and constriction cables. This complements his unmatched stamina and provides him with a means of defeating his opponents after resisting their attacks without restraint.

4 Karim Flam was able to produce large amounts of ice in seconds

Unlike virtually every other character in the Fire force series, Karim Flam had an affinity for ice. Furthermore, he was able to summon it in such large quantities and on such little notice that he was able to contain an infernal demon with the help of Eight Company by creating an imposing column of frost.

This proved that his abilities were far superior to most of the other characters in the anime despite the unimpressive physical abilities that he has otherwise displayed. It also means that it is a fantastic resource for minimizing collateral damage in fights that could endanger the civilian population.

3 Joker has seen Adolla and was trained to be a killing machine

Joker is an antihero who is not affiliated with any Haijima company. Instead, his resolute loyalty is only to the truth, gradually unraveling the influence of the Holy Sun Temple and the lies it was built on.

Trained from youth to be an assassin and having witnessed a bond from Adolla firsthand at the expense of his eye, few are able to match the capabilities of his ignition skill. He was strong enough to play and fire Shinra Kusakabe during their first encounter despite the hero’s already formidable combat prowess.

two Burns can radiate intense heat from your entire body

Burns was the captain of Company One and a man whose firepower was unmatched. It could secrete raw flames from its body to unleash powerful explosions or simply enhance its own physical strength.

Having defeated hundreds of infernal and once surpassed Shinra during their encounter in the hospital, he has proven to be a fierce combatant. Like Joker, he has also witnessed Adolla firsthand at the cost of one of his eyes. Similarly, he was one of the few characters who saw the evangelist and survived to speak of him.

1 Benimaru is a legend among all the districts

Benimaru was the captain of Company Seven and one of the most powerful characters in the Fire force universe. Most of the time he was solely responsible for defending his district from spontaneous human combustion and would have killed Captain Obi in a prolonged fight despite his immense armor.

During his search for answers and his subsequent visit to the Temple of the Holy Sun, he managed to shake off an anesthetic dart intended to sedate elephants. He demonstrated durability and willpower to match his indescribably high offensive potential.

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