Good Girls kills one of Beth’s BIGGEST enemies

NBC’s Good Girls just watched Beth kill one of her biggest enemies, but her entire future is ruined and her inner circle is in jeopardy.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for NBC’s Good Girls season 4 episode 4, “Dave.”

NBC All right Girls she eventually got Beth (Christina Hendricks) to confess about her criminal empire in order to save her husband, Dean (Matthew Lillard) from taking the blame for her after she led a counterfeiting and money laundering scheme. It’s been a long and windy road, but the FBI was grateful for this, especially now that it gave them the chance to use her and the women to take down Rio (Manny Montana), the true villain of the show. However, this started a chain of events in the last episode that resulted in the death of one of Beth’s greatest enemies. Sadly, it could also be the end of it.

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Beth was in a difficult situation as she needed Rio alive so the deal could be finalized so that she, her crew, and their families could get new identities and clean slate. The problem was, he had already hired the sadistic hit man, Fitz, to kill Rio. Now, he had to frantically track him down and get the job done. Unfortunately, Fitz refused to give up because if he didn’t kill Rio, that meant he would have to kill Beth for her to remain silent.

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Also, Fitz knew that she and Rio were having an affair, and since he himself was rejected by Beth, he was eager to kill Rio anyway. This led Beth to admit to Rio that she needed someone killed, and while viewers believed it was the FBI agent in charge of the operation, Dave, it was actually Fitz. It came to a head when Fitz was trying to shoot Rio in one of his clubs, only for the hooded man to be flagged in the streets to reveal that he was a decoy and not the real Rio.

When Fitz realized they were playing him, he tried to escape, but at that very moment, Rio appeared next to him. He was wearing his signature black hoodie, making it clear that he was cheating on Fitz the entire time. Fitz was glad to see Beth playing dirty, but just as he tried to grab a gun to shoot Rio, the gangster picked it up and stopped him. He cocked his gun and killed Fitz off-screen, before returning to Beth with news of the hit.

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However, Rio confessed that the man did not know who Dave was, and subtly let Beth know that he knew she lied. He discovered the montage, that Beth hired the man to kill him and was now trying to cover his tracks. Rio is a smart man, so he probably also knew that Beth really was an informant and didn’t pretend to be as she tried to make him believe. In the end, he left with a wicked smile, leaving her more scared than ever since the plan failed, putting her family in even greater danger.

Good Girls stars Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, Retta, Matthew Lillard, Reno Wilson, and Manny Montana. Season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET / PT on NBC.

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