Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital is often featured as one of America’s best medical institutions. Formed in 2013 by plane crash survivors, the hospital has some of the best medical professionals ever seen. However, doctors are usually not as lucky as patients, as tragedy tends to hit them on a regular basis.

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The series’ main location begins as Seattle Grace Hospital before becoming Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital after its merger with Mercy West Medical Center. Eventually, the name was changed to Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, a name that has remained. While fans are familiar with the name changes, various other details about the hospital could have eluded even the most loyal fans.

10 A total of three doctors have been fired for incompetence

Doctors who have been fired from the hospital include Dr. Eliza Minnick, Dr. Vikram “Vik” Roy, and Dr. Dahlia Qadri. Eliza was fired by Bailey after the hospital fire. His crime? He did not inform police that Stephanie was missing because she was too busy getting patients out of the building.

Vik was fired for neglecting a patient who had come in with a nosebleed. He left the patient unattended for five hours, resulting in his death. Even more shocking, he refused to take responsibility for his actions. Dahlia was fired by Bailey for her confusion while driving one of Meredith’s patients.

9 Hospital phone number

Meredith Gray calling the Gray Sloan reception desk

Since it is one of the best hospitals in the world, obviously there are a lot of people trying to get to the Gray Sloan Memorial. There should be thousands of inquiries daily about the services offered and the charges. But how can anyone in the fictional world of the show get in touch with the hospital?

Anyone who wants to call the front desk can dial (206) 555-6000. The number is seen on Meredith’s phone in season 12 when she tries to call other doctors from home, but no one answers. Therefore, you decide to call the reception.

8 There are five floors

Exterior of the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital on Grey's Anatomy

As a Level I Advanced Teaching and Trauma Center, Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital is a very large facility consisting of five floors. The exterior shots of the hospital also show how huge the hospital is.

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The first floor houses the normal sections such as the registration desk, the pharmacy and the laboratory. The second floor houses the conference center and the clinical research center. The third floor houses the ophthalmic unit and the neurosurgery clinics. The fourth floor has the maternity, urology, neonatal, gynecology and pediatric clinics, while the fifth floor cares for cancer patients.

7 Badge ID

alex richard and meredith

There are a couple of details to note about staff badges. For example, nurses badges were never used to indicate whether they were registered or not, but from season 12, they show RN (Registered Nurse). In a previous season, the badges for Karev, Yang, and Avery used to simply indicate “Surgery,” but are later updated to show their specialties, such as “Pediatric Surgery” and “Cardiothoracic Surgery.”

Derek’s ID is the only one that consistently shows his neurosurgery specialty. Surgical Intern IDs initially display “Surgery” but are updated to “Surgical Intern”.

6 CPR training

Alex on the ground after being shot on Grey's Anatomy

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving technique that is usually helpful whenever there has been an accident, drowning, or stroke. Many victims whose hearts were not beating or whose breathing had stopped have been saved using this technique. Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital also understands its importance.

The hospital conducts free CPR training every first Tuesday of the month. The training covers not only staff, but also their friends and family. This detail is revealed in “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” from season 14.

5 The direction

Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital Grays Anatomy

The hospital’s address is 314 Barrington Ave., Seattle, Washington, 98103. The hospital is just across the stress from the doctor’s favorite hangout, Emerald City Bar, which is located at 4397 Northeast Sequoia Avenue.

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The exterior shots of Gray Sloan, as seen in previous seasons of the medical drama, are actually those of VA Sepulveda Outpatient Center In Los Angeles. However, the exterior shots used since the middle of season 12 ate those of West Los Angeles College.

4 2 Challenge rule

The hospital has a “Rule of 2 Challenges”. This means that two surgeons can override the actions and treatment plans of a third surgeon in the operating room when that particular surgeon appears to be making questionable decisions. The rule is rarely applied as most surgeons are competent.

The “2 challenge rule” is actually adopted from the aviation industry. In the cockpit, a pilot is required to assume the duties of another pilot if that pilot does not respond adequately to two consecutive challenges.

3 Gray sloan seven

According to craniofacial surgeon Dr. Lauren Boswell, the owners of the Gray Sloan (Meredith, Richard, Derek, Cristina, Callie, Arizona, and Jackson) are known as the “Gray Sloan Seven.” This term is rarely mentioned by anyone else in the series.

There are a few other owners who are not part of the Gray Sloan Seven. For example, Alex Karev becomes a shareholder after Cristina transfers her shares to him. Jo Wilson also becomes an owner when Alex gives her his shares and moves to Kansas to be with Izzie. It can be assumed that only the original founders are part of Gray Sloan Seven.

two Fetal heart intervention

In Season 11, OB / GYN resident Dr. Graham Maddox mentions that Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital is the best when it comes to fetal heart treatment. This is all thanks to the good work of Dr. Nicole Herman. When he first arrives at the hospital, he congratulates Nicole so much that she asks him to stop.

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Even after Herman’s departure, the hospital remains a leader in fetal intervention because Herman had trained Arizona on the most effective procedures. Arizona is now the go-to surgeon for fetal surgery.

one Organizational structure

Given all the relationship and the work drama that unfolds, it is difficult for the casual viewer to know how the hospital is structured. Jackson Avery and Meredith Gray serve as directors of the board. Meredith also serves as president. Other members of the board are Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber.

There are normal surgeons who are often referred to as assistants. Then there are also fellows, residents, nurses, and interns. There are also doctors from other hospitals who have special privileges at Gray Sloan. They can access everything normal staff are entitled to, including patient files and operating rooms.

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