Harry Potter: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Books (According To Reddit)

Even today, the fanfare around the Harry Potter the book series is still alive around the world. In fact, the books are estimated to have already generated more than $ 7.7 billion in sales so far. Written by JK Rowling, the books were incredibly successful because they inspired film adaptations, resulting in an estimated $ 9.2 billion box office gross.

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Interestingly, it seems the movies have also inspired renewed interest in books. And while that may be good for book sales, it’s also worth noting that some fans have formed some unpopular opinions regarding the story.

10 There are too many adverbs

It seems that Rowling was quite determined to make sure her books were as descriptive as possible. After all, the books were published long before the movies came out. Therefore, fans could only rely on their own imagination to visualize the many adventures of Harry Potter in their minds. In order to a Reddit userHowever, the books are too descriptive because there is an “abundance” of adverbs throughout the text. That said, the user also thought this is understandable considering that Rowling was trying to win over young readers.

9 The security around the philosopher’s stone was quite lax

In the second book, all the focus was on this stone that Voldemort could have used to create the Elixir of Life. Sensing a possible attempt to steal it, Dumbledore had decided to hide the powerful stone inside Hogwarts. At first, it may appear that the school’s security measures were extensive. However, a Reddit user He pointed out that it may not be as effective since Harry, Hermione, Ron managed to get past them. That said, everyone is still talking about the life-size chess set that the movie adapted from the book.

8 The game of Quidditch doesn’t make any sense

When Rowling introduced readers to her Potterverse, she made it clear that the only sport that matters here is Quidditch. It’s a shame readers have a hard time understanding the game, especially when it comes to how it is played.

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Arguably most of the confusion lies in the game’s scoring system, in which catching the results of the snitch is a huge number of points. A Reddit user He even commented, “What’s the point in a sport where people play for a point here and there, but then a player grabs a ball, scores a million points, and ends the game?” While catching the snitch doesn’t necessarily win the game, as it only awards 150 points instead of the average of 10 per goal, it is still puzzling that the hard work of one team can easily be outmatched by an opposing player.

7 How Fred and George Never Spotted Peter Pettigrew at First

Ron’s older brothers, twins Fred and George, have been attending Hogwarts long before Ron, Harry, and Hermione came to school. Luckily, the brothers also managed to steal the Marauder’s Map during their freshman year at Hogwarts, allowing them both to pull off the most epic pranks on campus. As Potterverse experts may know, this map makes all people visible, even if they are Animagnus (it also shows real animals). Because of this, it makes sense to assume that the brothers would have seen Peter Pettigrew in Ron’s bed. If this is the case, a Reddit user He also wonders why Ron was never warned about him.

6 The Time Turner’s use in Prisoner of Azkaban was a “cheap” plot.

On The prisoner of Azkaban, Harry finally meets his godfather, Sirius Black. He headed to Hogwarts after realizing that his old friend, Peter, had betrayed him. Towards the end, however, the Dementors managed to capture Sirius and he faced certain death. Desperate to save him, Harry and his friends beg Dumbledore to intervene. Instead, however, the old wizard hinted at the use of a time turner, a magical device that left some readers dismayed. What a Reddit user explained, incorporating it into the story made the plot sound “pretty cheap.”

5 The Weasleys are poor despite being able to afford luxury tents.

In the books (and even in the movies), it was emphasized that there was a social division in the wizarding world. There were prominent and wealthy families like the Malfoys and there were those, like the Weasleys, who couldn’t pay much, so they wore inherited clothing. However, a Reddit user argued that the Weasleys can’t be that poor. To begin with, this large family managed to reserve a fabulous tent in the goblet of fire. Furthermore, some argued that since the Weasleys know magic, it would have been possible for them to earn money with their wands.

4 Goblet of Fire is completely different from the other books

For long Harry Potter Readers, the tone of the books changed significantly towards the end of the series. After all, Harry and his friends grew up. The danger also became more apparent, especially when Voldemort returned and vowed to kill Harry once and for all.

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In fact, Harry’s world became much darker in goblet of fire, especially at the time when Cedric Diggory was killed and Voldemort was subsequently resurrected. There is much more pain here and the danger felt more serious than ever. As one Reddit user pointed out, “GoF [Goblet of Fire] it really is like night and day. “

3 Dumbledore was a manipulative headmaster, especially to Harry

The Hogwarts headmaster is a central figure in the Potterverse. For one thing, he was, perhaps, the only wizard who really knew what was coming all along. Eventually, Dumbledore grows closer to Harry. Later in the story, however, Dumbledore also acknowledges that Harry must sacrifice his own life at the right time to defeat Voldemort. While Harry’s impending death felt necessary in his story, a Reddit user he also couldn’t help but comment that Dumbledore is a “manipulative idiot who over and over again puts students and his own family in danger for the ‘common good.

two Ron could have been better used in the series

Ron is arguably one of the least developed characters in the entire world. Harry Potter Serie. At first, he was characterized as a man who would do anything to help Harry even if his actions could endanger his own life (for example, his decisive action in the life-size chess game). Later, however, it is as if Ron has lost his spark. He’s relegated to the background even if he’s with Harry for most of the series. A Reddit user He even wrote, “Rowling decided he was an idiot for the rest of the series.”

1 How Voldemort’s soul is only divided into seven horcruxes when he has killed more than seven people

According to the books, a soul splits in two every time a wizard or witch kills someone. Later in the story, readers discover that Tom Riddle had a discussion with Professor Slughorn about the possibility of creating more than one horcrux for himself. Slughorn even warned him, “That is something very dark, very dark indeed …” Despite this, Riddle proceeds to commit several murders to distribute more parts of his soul. With that in mind a Reddit user he questioned why Voldemort only has seven horcruxes, considering that he possibly murdered “hundreds”.

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