Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs ruined movies for his kids

Jason Isaacs, who played Lucius Malfoy on the hit Harry Potter series, says he ruined the movies for his children because of his involvement.

Actor Jason Isaacs, who starred in the Harry Potter franchise as Lucius Malfoy, has revealed that he has ruined the movies for his children. Isaacs made his first appearance as the character in 2002. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and as the series unfolded, his role as one of Lord Voldemort’s most trusted Death Eaters expanded and grew.

Throughout much of the Potter series, Lucius was known primarily through the irritating bragging of his son, Draco (Tom Felton). But the truth of the matter is that Lucius was always plotting and working behind the scenes to influence the decisions of the Ministry of Magic; decisions that ultimately helped facilitate Voldemort’s rise. In this sense, he was an important character, despite not appearing immediately in the series. Until Potter Fans say, Lucius is not the type of character to have a large fan base, at least not compared to characters like Harry, Dumbledore, or even Hagrid. But for those who find dark magic and Death Eaters to be the most interesting aspect of the Potter franchise, Lucius is arguably one of the most vital evil characters involved in the wizarding world.

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Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that Lucius is such a good character. In fact, according to a news story from Digital spy, Jason Isaacs has made it clear that he has ruined the beloved Harry Potter series for your children. Joking that their kids would rather “eat your toes“Than to see whatever he’s been on, Isaacs explained that it’s not just the Harry Potter movies that his children don’t avoid either, thanks to him. The truth of the matter is that both of his sons don’t want to see any of the movies their dad has been in over the years:

Oh God no, my kids don’t see anything I’m in, I blew it for them. They’d rather eat their toes than look at anything their dad is on. Harry Potter for one second. In almost everything else I’ve done, you would see your father have sex or murder people, sometimes both at the same time. It is not something that people want to deal with, except in therapy. On the other hand, they love books.

However, as far as Lucius is concerned, the character may be a truly devoted Death Eater, but the chaos he caused tended to be more on the bureaucratic side of things. As mentioned, he played an important role in paving the way for Lord Voldemort’s return and was incredibly careful who he spoke to and what he spoke to them. In this sense, Lucius is not the murderer that Voldemort is, although it would certainly be strange to see your father in real life siding with one of the most evil villains to ever exist in the books and on the big screen.

Hopefully someday Isaac’s children will be able to sit back and watch the Harry Potter movies, regardless of the inclusion of his father. The eight-part series definitely ranks as a must-see, even for those who never read the books or considered themselves Potterheads. Seeing that Isaac’s children love books, missing the movies is unthinkable. Then again, maybe they’re just waiting for the movies to reboot, this time without their father.

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