Hot Wheels Unleashed set shows momentum, drift, and shortcuts

Watch childhood come to life in the first reveal of the Hot Wheels Unleashed set, a new racing game from the creators of the RIDE series.

Childhood dreams come to life in the first trailer for the game Hot wheels unleashed It has been released. Initially introduced in 1968, Mattel’s Hot wheels They are among the best toy brands in the world. The brand is a fundamental part of Mattel’s toy division, but it has expanded beyond customizable toy tracks and collectible car models. With several TV series, video games, car brand collaborations, and a film adaptation in development, Hot wheels has been established in pop culture for more than 50 years.

Hot wheels unleashed continues the line of games developed for the brand that dates back before the Commodore 64 system. Hot wheels The games have realistic and fantastic vehicles to drive and crazy tracks to race on to emulate real life toy games. Other racing game franchises have also collaborated with the brand, such as Energy, Rocket league, and even World of tanks. These collaborations feature the trademark bright orange tracks or exaggerated designs synonymous with Hot wheels. This new game is developed by MOUNT the creator of the Milestone series.

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In a new trailer posted on Play stationPre-alpha footage from the YouTube channel shows what gamers can expect in Hot Wheels unleashed. Standard arcade racing hallmarks like momentum and shortcuts are on display as the vehicles race on the iconic orange track. All the cars in the trailer look like cars someone might pick up at a toy store today, with gleaming plastic bodies and blue toy wheels skidding around the corners. The highlight of the trailer comes when a shark-shaped car rolls off a section of the runway, only to land on a lower section.

The official website teases that more information is to come, including more maps, car designs, and the track editor. According to the site, the trailer map is the garage. As its name infers, the map is an abandoned car garage adapted to become a giant. Hot wheels place. Based on the gameplay shown, Trackmania immediately comes to mind to compare. However, an advantage Hot wheels unleashed may be over Trackmania is a more creative track editor.

Hot wheels The tracks are famous for their exaggeration and match the imaginations of children playing with toy cars. Yes Hot wheels unleashedThe track editor allows players to add obstacles to custom tracks, Trackmania you may have some serious competition. As for the rest of the game, more information is needed before assumptions can be made. However, the trailer shows that players can look forward to making their childhood fantasies come true when the game launches on September 30.

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Hot wheels unleashed launches September 30, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Fountain: PlayStation / YouTube

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