How I Met Your Mother: 10 Fan Relationships We Wish Were Real

How I Met Your Mother played with different romantic relationships throughout the show, but these fan-ships were a missed opportunity.

Most couples in How i met your mother they were relatively established from the start. Ted’s love life was always up in the air, especially when the love triangle between him, Robin, and Barney escalated, but otherwise, there wasn’t much room to wonder who would end up with whom. Also, Lily and Marshall were together for the entire series, which knocked them off the table for potential romances.

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Because comedy has such a dynamic cast of characters, there are several relationships that could have worked if the show ever decided to give it a try. Throughout the show’s run, viewers found themselves rooting for ships that didn’t get a chance to thrive, and it’s hard not to wish that more of these romances could trigger their chance.

10 Marshall and victoria

Marshall and Victoria at HIMYM.

Although they never interacted outside of Ted, Marshall and Victoria would have worked well together. They were extremely similar in the way they viewed the world and they both had a positive outlook on life. Victoria’s kindness is what made so many viewers fall in love with her, and Marshall’s kindness is her defining trait. If Marshall and Victoria had met before meeting Lily and Ted, it is unknown what could have happened between the two.

9 Robin and lily

How I met your mother Robin and Lily at her apartment

Robin and Lily are by far the most popular fan ship. A romance between them was something that did not seem far-fetched, as Lily expressed her attraction to Robin on multiple occasions. She was always trying to coordinate the reasons for them to kiss, and she even reached out to Marshall to have a threesome with her best friend. The show always made it seem like Lily’s feelings were one-sided, but things change when Lily and Robin kiss in the final season. Robin tries to convince Lily to kiss again, but Lily is the one who shoots her. It could well be a case of “right person, wrong time”.

8 Ted and barney

Barney and Ted sitting together at the bar

Ted and Barney’s relationship was loved by viewers. They were caught in a love triangle with Robin, but at times it seemed like Ted and Barney would be a better match for each other. The two of them became a popular prospect and garnered a huge fan base throughout. How i met your mother to run.

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Ted and Barney even told each other that life would be so much better if they could date their brother. They make the rash decision to adopt a baby together, and although they eventually change their minds, it would have been nice to see Ted and Barney raise a boy.

7 Quinn and Robin

Barney definitely has a type and it’s not at all surprising that Quinn and Robin were the girls he fell in love with the most. They are both outspoken, independent, and cunning. Robin had some jealousy towards Quinn as she struggled with her feelings for Barney, but this is just another situation where the love triangle is approached at the wrong angle. Quinn and Robin were the most similar of all the characters in the series, and they would have worked very well as a couple.

6 Barney and marshall

Barney always protected his relationship with Ted and got jealous whenever someone referred to Marshall as Ted’s best friend. Although they initially met through him, Barney and Marshall formed a friendship of their own. When Marshall starts working at GNB, they get even closer than before. Barney even kisses Marshall in the first episode of the series, although he was only doing it to prove something.

5 Tracy and cindy

For Cindy, this relationship was very real. Cindy had a roommate complex and would always talk bad about Tracy to anyone who wanted to listen. However, when Tracy comforts Cindy after her breakup with Ted, Cindy kisses her.

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Tracy didn’t seem to feel the same way about her roommate, but that doesn’t stop fans from wishing they could give it a try. Even if Tracy had to break up with Ted in the end, this relationship should have had a good chance.

4 Barney and lily

Lily looks at Barney's medal.

Barney and Lily are not as quirky as a couple as you might think. Lily was the only person Barney trusted his deepest secret, and she was always a shoulder to cry on. Lily wasn’t afraid to put Barney in his place and had no problem calling him out for all the horrible things he did. She played a huge role in her character development, and it could have been even more shocking if they were in a relationship. Barney and Lily even lived together for a short time and Barney kicked her out because they got along too well.

3 Tracy and lily

Lily and Tracy meet on the train.

Of all the characters, besides Ted, Lily was the one who formed the closest connection with Tracy. They met on a train on the way to Barney and Robin’s wedding and there was something about Tracy that Lily instantly trusted. During their journey together, the two of them opened up about some pretty personal matters, which is difficult for anyone with someone they just met. But Tracy and Lily were clearly bonded, and it would have been interesting to explore the relationship further.

two Marshall and Ted

How I Met Your Mother Ted and Marshall

Best friends for lovers is a popular topic on television, and Marshall and Ted are a perfect fit. They know each other better than anyone and lived together for years before Marshall and Lily got married. When Ted sends a joking message saying that he is dreaming about his best friend, Marshall is convinced that it is him and does his best to prove it. He says himself that he knows what Ted likes, which is why he and Ted would make a good couple.

1 Ted and lily

Ted and Lily do ET

Ted was friends with Lily for almost as long as he was friends with Marshall, since the three of them met in college. Their relationship is unique to the others on the show, as Ted and Lily are completely comfortable with each other at all times. They trust each other and talk about things they are embarrassed to talk about with anyone else. What Ted and Lily have would be a great foundation for a romantic relationship if the show ever decided to go there.

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