To fast travel in Outriders, players must plant flags to warp play areas. Talk to Jakob in your truck to move between the play areas.

Fast traveling is a must in any modern RPG. The same is true for Outriders. However, the question players are asking is: ‘How do you travel fast in Outriders? After an unstable launch plagued with server errors and login screen failures, Square Enix editors have gone a long way to fix the issues. The game is experiencing regular periods of stability and the developers have been transparent about the issues. Players are now exploring the vast world of Outriders and fast travel around it.

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Regardless of the game, players will need to move around the entire map to complete missions and sell their wares. As maps increase in size, the need for fast travel increases. Players recall how great Skyrim felt when it hit shelves in 2012. Imagine if Dragonborn couldn’t quickly travel between Dragons Reach and Windhelm while passing messages back and forth? Now games like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Y Outriders they have much larger maps and play areas. The question, again, begs to ask: ‘How do you travel fast in Outriders? Here is everything you need to know.

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Outriders: How to Fast Travel

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As players get deeper into Enoch, they get further and further away from where the game started in Rift Town. They will enter large areas with connecting paths filled with insurgents and creatures to gut with their altered abilities. They will collect antiquities from Earth and complete missions along the way. Of course, they will need to return to the base of operations or the mission giver to receive rewards. Nobody wants to walk that distance. Fortunately, there is a way to fast travel.

Within a playing area, players will plant flags at various checkpoints. Resupply chests and safe areas often accompany these flags. As players place flags, they can quickly travel between themselves and the main camp in each area. The camp is where Jakub decides to park the truck and set up a tent. However, flags limit players to the area they are in, and can only travel between those that have been planted. This means that players will have to explore a bit before they can move around the area.

Fortunately, upon completing a given mission, players will have the option to fast travel back to the camp or to the mission giver at the final location. They won’t need a flag.

On a larger scale, players can quickly travel between play areas by interacting with Jakub in his truck. This will allow them to re-explore areas they have been to previously if new missions are available. They can also return to Rift Town to sell their gear, buy new items, and trade antiques.

Outriders It has four elemental classes for players to choose from. Outriders is intended to be played cooperatively, but players can still venture into Enoch on their own. Build the deadliest Outrider and warp all over this new planet they call home.

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Outriders is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Last-Gen

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