Is Path of Exile still worth playing?

Path of Exile distinguishes itself as a truly free game, constantly being updated and adding to your gameplay insanely fun and deep.

2013 saw the release of Grinding Gear Games’ Path of exile, an action RPG that was committed to changing the way free games were handled. By creating an RPG experience that revels in free customization options, the game is available on various gaming platforms, including mobile devices.

This is not exactly unique to the industry, as the landscape for free games is more saturated than ever. However, Path of exile sets itself apart as truly free, all while constantly updating and adding to your gameplay insanely fun and deep. Here’s why those who haven’t given the game a chance yet should, and why people who downloaded the title when it first released should take another look at it.

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Free to play

The developers of Path of exile set out to ensure that the game not only started out as a free game, but also stayed that way for the entirety of its run. The game uses monetary elements rather than an actual in-game monetary system, and focuses on this to avoid the pitfalls of many mobile games. This means that the mobile version of the game avoids things like video ads and “pay to play” features.

It’s funded only by what developers consider “ethical microtransactions,” and there are a number of ways to achieve this. One way is to allow users to have multiple accounts that can be accessed at the same time. Most of the paid features are simply cosmetic, which don’t necessarily give buyers any kind of edge in the game.

This truly free status is something that many mobile games strive for but eventually lose, especially as they move towards the console realm. For this day, Path of exile it is supported mainly through optional crowdfunding. This is a great reason to give Path of exile at a glance, as it is much easier on the pockets than other online games.

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Continuous updates

The game continues to be updated to this day, keeping it appealing to newcomers and fresh to those who have been around since the beginning. These changes are not merely cosmetic either, with patches and expansion packs being added monthly to alleviate any issues. These expansions have brought things like new items and weapons, new abilities and character classes, and even new game modes. Atlas of worldsFor example, it added all new post-game content in 2016, and since then there have been consistent updates.

In September 2020, Path of exile received a massive overhaul that brought improved graphics and audio, as well as a release on Mac OS. Updates ensure that the game never stays the same for long, and people who played the title when it first released will have a much more different and refined experience if they try again now.

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It’s so good

More important, Path of exile in itself it is just a great example of its genre. After starting as a mod for the Devil games, quickly became more than just a paddle swap. Its gameplay offers several different modes and leagues, all based on seasonal events that change the fundamentals of how the title is played. Players can customize their characters, as well as bases and hideouts. These can be fortified and built with all kinds of cosmetic items or even house a zoo full of in-game monsters.

The game’s character classes also don’t set character progression in stone, with Marauders and Witches potentially ending up in very different locations with different powers and abilities depending on the skill tree options. There is also the fact that, even though the game is key, Path of exile is steeped in a rich lore that explains the various gods and monsters found throughout the game. All of this creates a complete experience that offers an increasingly fascinating and expansive experience for beginners and veterans alike.

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