Bucky Barnes’ vibranium arm is as indestructible as Black Panther’s suit. But could he withstand a battle with the King of Wakanda?

After his time in Wakanda, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) was not only able to clear his mind of the brainwashing that turned him into the Winter Soldier, but he was also able to live a peaceful life. This was sadly interrupted during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, who saw T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) gifting him a new vibranium arm, following the loss of his last in Captain America: Civil War. The arm was developed by T’Challa’s sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright), and is as indestructible as the Black Panther suit.

While weapons are amazing in their own right, it has never been decided which one is the most powerful. Here, we’ll be comparing to see if Bucky’s vibranium arm is actually better than Black Panther’s suit.

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The Winter Soldier’s Vibranium Arm: Powers, Strengths, and Weaknesses

In the comics, Bucky’s bionic arm was more than durable and strong. It could extend up to a meter and even emit EMP and electric shocks. All the abilities helped make him one of the most resourceful members of the Marvel Universe. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, his arm doesn’t have any of those abilities. That said, it complements Bucky’s enhanced strength due to his super soldier serum by being able to lift heavy objects and even bend metal with ease.

Thanks to its coating and vibranium technology, it can absorb vibrations and withstand drops from great heights, as seen in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But one disadvantage of the weapon is that it can be detached. While this is convenient when leading a quiet life, it is also a combat debuff should something occur that forces the arm away from its housing.

Black Panther MCU suit: powers, strengths and weaknesses

In Captain America: Civil WarThe Black Panther suit is revealed to be bulletproof and indestructible thanks to its vibranium weave and features sharp vibranium claws that cut through metal with ease. The suit’s capabilities are regularly put to the test thanks to T’Challa’s enhanced abilities given it by the heart-shaped herb. In Black Panther, his suit receives an update that features nanites hidden in the suit’s collar. When activated, it forms around your body, protecting it. His new outfit also stored kinetic energy that he could redistribute, sending out a pulse that can repel anyone in his vicinity. The suit can also mask your steps, making you virtually silent.

While his outfit and abilities are rendered on screen almost exactly like in the comics, a weakness was borrowed from the source material. Vibranium is a powerful mineral, but it is very susceptible to sound waves. In Black PantherWhen Ulysses Klaue’s vibration canon hits T’Challa, the nanites retract and expose his body underneath. Its storage of kinetic energy also has its own limit. While it can store a large amount of energy, once it has reached its capacity it will discharge the energy after another impact.

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Vibranium Showdown: Winter Soldier’s Arm vs. Black Panther Costume

If the two of them ever had to fight again, the battle would be difficult to decide. Bucky’s advantage lies in his wits and willpower to keep fighting even after taking a beating. He has been shown to take on the Outriders with nothing but a knife and also nearly hit Iron Man with his bare hands. His tactical experience made him one of Hydra’s best soldiers and skilled enough to scare the Black Widow. But because his arm is from Wakanda, it’s possible that T’Challa could exploit that and take it, leaving Bucky at a disadvantage if he gets close enough.

However, Black Panther has the training and agility to take on Bucky before he even knew what had hit him, not to mention the silent footsteps and kinetic pulse attacks. However, if Bucky sees it, a small grenade might be enough to send the King flying back due to the explosion overloading his energy storage.

What would ultimately decide the battle would be the training of the King of Wakanda and his claws. The MCU has shown that vibranium can affect itself, with T’Challa’s claws scraping away at Captain America’s shield. Using his speed and silence, once T’Challa closes the gap between them, he could scratch Bucky’s arm, damaging it. Although the battle would be closed between the two heroes, the victor would ultimately be T’Challa and his suit, proving which weapon is the most powerful.

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