Kang the Conqueror is officially Marvel’s most hyped villain

In Avengers Mech Strike # 3, Kang the Conqueror throws everything and the kitchen sink at the heroes of Earth in the most unnecessary display of power.

Warning: spoilers for Avengers mechanical attack # 3

In his last attempt to take over the Marvel Comics universe, Kang the conqueror throw everything away even the kitchen sink in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: the Avengers. To be fair, there is no shortage of great supervillains in the comic book world, especially in Marvel’s rogue stable. Fresh on everyone’s mind, for example, is the MCU-based rendering of Thanos the Mad Titan and his quest to wield all six. infinite stones. Now that the MCU is gearing up to introduce Kang as the next big baddie, it’s an auspicious time to give readers a taste of just how far-fetched the time-traveling tyrant really can be.

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From the beginnings of the writer Jed Mackay and the artist Carlos Magno Avengers mechanical attack, the series has delivered fun action with a nostalgic 90s cartoon flair. The latest installment, # 3, ramps up the craziness and takes full advantage of the limitless opportunities – no budget considerations required – from the comics. It’s not enough for Kang to take one of the Avengers leaders into another dimension, whom his teammates consider KIA, and take over all of Earth’s timelines simultaneously, but it adds insult to injury by unleashing. a series of strange and disparate legions to destroy the heroes of the world.

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As mentioned above, not only does Kang vaporize Black Panther, and he literally conquers all of time on planet Earth, he does so with the zest and uninhibited style of a child.ren playing with his action figures. As the Avengers fight to regroup and defend the world from biomechanoids, Kang launches the second phase of his attack. Emerging from portals through space-time are attack forces as epic as they are comically eccentric. No matter that highly advanced techno-Kaijus wreak havoc across the world, humanity now faces annihilation at the hands of an invasion of prehistoric dinosaurs, a battle-ready Roman legion, and Martian tripods with death rays and metal. tentacles apparently straight out of HG Wells’s War of the Worlds. Considering the extent of Kang’s power, it’s quite possible that what fans see in this story is just the tip of the iceberg.

Avengers Mech Strike # 3 Legions of Kang the Conqueror Clipped

This positively absurd display of excessive force is completely unnecessary considering the other weapons Kang has already used against the Avengers in the previous two issues. Even outfitted with Tony Stark’s incredible giant-sized mech-suits, Kang’s energy and matter-consuming biomechanoids had already brought Earth’s mightiest heroes to the brink of exhaustion. Not only that, but the gigantic energy-hungry monsters had effectively neutralized the threat from the team’s greatest weapons, namely Thor, Captain Marvel, and the Hulk. And on top of all that, Kang’s “Annihilation Gauntlet” lived up to its name when it completely disintegrated T’Challa, by accident. That’s right, unlike Thanos, Kang’s glove is so powerful that he has to recalibrate himself so as not to destroy his enemies so easily.

The threat of Kang the conqueror It is so exaggerated that the Avengers he must execute an emergency retreat and seek help from none other than Thanos himself. Although this is not the first time that a supervillain has been excessively flamboyant in his quest to take over the world in Marvel Comics, is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable and exciting. Now that Mad Titan has joined the fray, who knows what else awaits readers?

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