Magic: the Gathering’s Biggest City just became Ground Zero in the series

In the first issue of Magic, the most famous city in the universe of The Gathering has just become ground zero of a great mystery.

WARNING: The following contains major Magic # 1 spoilers from Jed MacKay, Ig Guara, Arancia Sutdios’ Arianna Consonni and Ed Dukeshire, out now.

The Magic: The Gathering Multiverse has finally returned to the comics thanks to BOOM! Studies. While Magic’s landscapes span time, space, and other dimensions, a plane of existence quickly became a favorite after its introduction to the game nearly two decades ago. Now that the stories of Magic’s first Planeswalkers are being told on the comic page once again, readers have another chance to visit the sprawling city of Ravnica.

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Ravnica is a City-Plane, a whole world that is itself a massive metropolis. Even the outskirts and wild nature of Ravnica somehow blend into the seemingly endless urban landscape. Ravnica, one of the infinite planes that make up the Multiverse, has become home to some of the most powerful and prominent Planeswalkers in existence, and many of them have even claimed premium pieces from Ravnica’s delicate political structure. Even in a place as widespread and diverse as Ravnica, it is almost impossible to be an individual in the crowd, something made even more difficult by the ten guilds that have become the center of life in the city.

And in Magic # 1, it becomes the epicenter of a massive attack.

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Ravnica is ruled by the guilds, ten factions, each of which has its own place in the social fabric of the city, and each with its own unique challenges to face. Among these is the Orzhov Syndicate, currently led by Planeswalker Kaya, a Ghost-Assassin who does not fit the ranks of the bankers, brokers, and ghouls guild.

While he’s at his desk hard at work on his bureaucratic tasks, an explosion rips through the building, letting in a small group of assassins hell-bent on sending Kaya to meet his former victims in the afterlife. In the same way, Ral Zarek and Vraska, respectively the current leaders of the Izzet League of Scientists and the Golgari Swarm of Lichees and Wraiths, are able to defend themselves against their would-be assassins. Once the dust has settled, Ral is the only one of the three to have taken a hostage, who is escorted to the Senate of Azorius for questioning.

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Even though the attacker’s name has yet to be identified through mind magician Jace Beleren’s best attempts to bring it out, the fact that three guild leaders came so close to death in their own strongholds is somewhat amazing to realize. Ravnica has always been fraught with danger, especially with Dimir spies and Rakdos cannibals openly roaming the streets without attracting attention.

Still, the fact that the sprawling city has become ground zero for these attacks in broad daylight contrasts with the relative calm that has gripped Ravnica since its most recent invading incident during the War of the Spark. If nothing else, Ravnica at least has some of the most capable magic users in the Multiverse to take care of it, assuming they all survive long enough to do so.

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