Miles Morales variant cover brings cuteness to dark Spider-Man story

A dark beginning to Miles Morales’ Clone Saga is hidden within Dan Hipp’s adorable variant cover of Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 25.

The excruciatingly adorable variant cover for a number of Miles Morales: Spider-Man Readers may not be prepared for the sad story that lies within. The young wall-crawler’s next arc will be intense, and the cute creatures on the cover can help soften the blow.

Life is never simple for any Spider-Man, but Miles Morales has had a particularly difficult few months, even before Knull’s attack on Earth, he was avoiding arrest by the government’s anti-hero agency and dealing with losing his uncle Aaron while He was fighting Ultimatum. . A mysterious entity known as the Advisor had Miles kidnap, torture, and experiment to “assess capabilities for proprietary development.” Captivity, grueling tests, and mind games dragged on for days before he could be rescued. The experience was so traumatic that Morales stopped being Spider-Man for a few weeks before returning to work. But shortly after doing so, Miles is attacked by a clone of himself that turned out to be the Appraiser’s product. He was captured once more, but luckily he escaped and defeated his clone before having to endure the treatment he had previously undergone. Spider-Man had hoped that was the end of those troubles until an imposter kidnapped a scientist in Miles Morales: Spiderman # 24, signaling an entirely new clone saga for Morales’ Spider-Man.

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A cover variant for Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 25 depicts Miles participating in an adorable rescue of some kittens and is likely a deceptive contrast to what the beginning of the Clone Saga has in store for the young hero. The cover by artist Dan Hipp shows Spider-Man herding incredibly sweet kittens away from a collapsing structure, passing adorable Marvel Easter eggs like a Hellcat doll and Wakanda graffiti. However, the problem itself puts Miles on a path back to the Advisor and the clones that were produced during Spider-Man’s horrible time of captivity. The trailer for the Miles Clone saga reveals disturbing images of clones with additional limbs, eyes, and various deformities. Unfortunately, however, the Saladin Ahmed story trailer does not include any cuddly kittens.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 8, The subject on which Miles experienced the brunt of the Advisor’s torture is quite baffling to read. Spider-Man is in a state of agony and confusion for the entirety of the problem and is tricked into a harrowing escape attempt that turns out to be just another test. The Advisor apparently has incredible resources at his disposal and has been extremely cold and inhuman in accomplishing his mysterious goals. Ultimatum apparently hired the Advisor as part of their plans, but the reappearance of the Spider-Man clones after their defeat indicates that there is still more to discover.

The original Clone Saga still haunts Peter Parker to this day. Parker hoped to help Miles avoid the same mistakes he made and once warned Morales not to allow anyone to clone him. Miles Morales will learn exactly what kinds of worries Peter was trying to save him from and will face dark days ahead. Hopefully, if he survives, the next time he disguises himself as Spider-Man, it will be for something lighthearted, like rescuing soft, friendly cats.

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