MLB The Show 2021 Special Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses Explained

MLB The Show 21 is almost ready at bat, but players can choose from several editions depending on their platform and if they want a baseball cap.

It’s baseball season, and that means it’s time for another exciting round of MLB the show. The 2021 entry into Sony’s long-running sports simulation is notable for several reasons. It’s the first in the series to be released on PlayStation 5, and it’s also the first game in the franchise to be released outside of the Sony ecosystem. Show 21 It will debut on Xbox platforms and will even launch on Game Pass, Microsoft’s gaming subscription service. Despite this unusual release, there are many reasons for fans who want more of their baseball game to grab the expanded editions and buy. MLB The Show 21 early.

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Unlike many games released in the early stages of this generation, the standard editions of MLB The Show 21 they do not offer a form of transfer between generations. If players grab the PlayStation 4 version and then upgrade to a PS5, they will be out of luck. Game Pass players will have access to both versions, and the more expensive Jackie Robinson edition comes with a so-called dual right that allows people to play on both consoles. It’s also worth noting that the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions cost $ 69.99, following the pattern shown by many Sony’s own releases.

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Preorder any version of MLB The Show 21 It will get players 10 The Show Packs to open in the game. Those who pre-purchase the current generation versions will also get a boost in the game’s economy via 5,000 Stubs. In addition to this, digital pre-orders will receive a Gold Choice pack to open as soon as the game is released. Fans who pre-order the Jackie Robinson version of the game can also play a little earlier than the rest, with Early Access Weekend starting April 16 at 12am ET.

What does the Jackie Robinson edition of MLB The Show 21 offer?

Cover art for MLB The Show 21

There are two additional versions of MLB The Show 21 available, the Standard Jackie Robinson Edition at $ 84.99 and the Deluxe Edition at $ 99.99. The Jackie Robinson Basic Edition offers early access to the game, current and next-gen versions, as well as various game benefits. Players can look forward to a Jackie Robinson bat design, a Diamond Choice Pack, two Gold Choice Packs, a Ball Player Gear Pack, Double Diaries, and 10,000 of the Heel Coin. The physical release of this version also comes on a steelbook, so it will look classy on the shelf.

The Deluxe Jackie Robinson Edition adds even more to the basic version, but differs based on digital and physical releases. Digital players will receive more Diamond Choice and Gold Choice packages, as well as an increase of 25,000 stubs in the game. In lieu of those bonus packs, physical buyers will get a game-themed New Era baseball cap, as well as a digital duplicate to use on in-game characters.

MLB The Show 21 has a wide range of pitches that should suit any baseball fan looking to play for a season on the couch. From the Game Pass option for Xbox customers to the Steelbook Edition that comes with a custom baseball cap, fans have a lot of freedom as to how much they want to spend on their annual sports effort. Whichever you choose, they must be satisfied, as Sony almost always takes it out of the park.

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