Netflix: The Best New Movies and TV Shows This Weekend (April 9)

This weekend, Netflix brings a new season of a family comedy series, a Swedish television series, a documentary and a superhero movie.

This weekend, Netflix is adding the third part of a family comedy series, a Swedish television series, a documentary series about a famous robbery and a superhero comedy film. The world of streaming continues to expand with the arrival of new platforms and with that, the streaming wars are heating up again, but Netflix has nothing to worry about. The streaming giant continues to be hugely popular with viewers, largely thanks to its original content, and still adds new content, both licensed and original, every week.

Last weekend saw the arrival of the dramas At the gates of eternity, The pianist, Y The Time Traveler’s Wife, the comedies Friends with benefits Y Legally Blondeand horror movies Insidious Y Elf, along with the series of pseudo-documentaries Bewitched: Latin America, western drama Concrete cowboyand the crime drama miniseries The snake. This weekend, Netflix will welcome the documentary Coded bias, the comedy The Stand In, and the documentary Diana: the interview that shocked the world.

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As for original content, Netflix will bring the third installment of a family comedy series, a Swedish police television series, a documentary about the greatest art heist in history and a new superhero comedy film. Here are the best movies and TV shows to come Netflix this weekend – April 9.

Family Reunion – Part 3

Family reunion part 3

The McKellans return for a third season of the Netflix comedy TV series Family meeting. The McKellans were revealed to be bankrupt at the end of Season 2, so M’Dear (Loretta Devine) offered the clan to stay with her for as long as they needed; they may be low on funds, but the family is never without love. as they go through pain, loss and adversity of all kinds in this new season.

Easy money

Fast Cash Netflix

Easy money is a Swedish television series based on the novel of the same name (English title: Easy money) by Jens Lapidus and the movie trilogy. The series takes place ten years after the events of the films and centers on Leya (Evin Ahmad), a young single mother trying to make her way into the start-up scene. When the corporate world collides with the criminal, loyalty, friendships and business partners are put to the test in a never-ending search for easy money.

This is a robbery: the world’s biggest art heist

Your weekly Netflix documentary fix comes with the series This is a robbery: the world’s biggest art heist. Across four episodes, the series tells the story of the biggest art heist in history: over St. Patrick’s Day weekend in 1990, legendary works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and others worth more than $ 500 million today they were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. in Boston. This is an assault covers the clues, dead ends, lucky breaks and speculations that characterized the investigation of this still unsolved mystery.

Thunder force

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer in Thunder Force

Netflix‘s Thunder force is a superhero comedy film directed by Ben Falcone. Set in a world terrorized by supervillains, a woman has developed a process to give normal people superpowers, but when scientist Emily Stanton (Octavia Spencer) accidentally imbues her best friend Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) with incredible abilities, they become the first superhero. team, and now it’s up to them to save Chicago from the King (Bobby Cannavale).

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