New Girl: Why Nick Is Actually The Main Character Of The Show

One of the main reasons for New girls The success and consistent level of rewatchability that has been maintained since the series ended are the characters. A host of weird and wonderful characters are written throughout the show’s seven seasons, and perhaps the most popular of all is Nick Miller, one of the weirdest and best central characters on a comedy show of the decade. 2010.

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The show always positioned Jess as the main character before transforming him into an ensemble that placed / forced Jess to the heart of it all. However, there are many ways Nick could be perceived as the main character and why many fans see him as such about Jess.

10 He is the funniest character in the series

New girl Nick Schmidt Winston

It may seem like a rag on Jessica Day’s character, but the fact of the matter is the six main characters, she’s far from the funniest, with Schmidt, possibly Winston, and definitely Nick being a lot more hilarious throughout. all seven seasons of the show. .

Whether it’s through Jake Johnstone’s performance, iconic quotes, memorable scenes, nonsensical screaming, or just generally Nick is Nick, he’s a funny character in almost every episode. That puts him at the forefront of the show.

9 He is a complex and interesting protagonist

Nick and Jess in New Girl S1E05 Cece crashes

New girl It’s a lighthearted show, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t address the more complex, emotional, and generally deeper side of things like a lot of brilliant comedy shows did before.

Nick Miller is a surprisingly complex character, with a past, personality, and set of ideals that make him such a fascinating protagonist. It’s endlessly enjoyable, but it can be very frustrating, and the more fans know about it, the better it gets. While characters like Coach, Jess, and even Winston are a bit tougher and easier, Nick is more.

8 We always support you

nick laugh new girl

Going back to the idea that Nick is such a nice guy on the show, it really draws the audience into doing it. Whether you’re having a good time or a bad time, the public supports you no matter what is happening.

When Nick loved Jess, fans supported him, audiences joined in the success of the Pepperwood Chronicles, were happy about his success with the bar, and generally always expected Nick to be happy whether he was right or wrong. ; A classic, high-quality main character trait.

7 He owns the bar

New Nick Girl Behind The Bar

One of Nick’s most important events occurs when he and Schmidt decide to buy the shares of the bar where Nick works as a bartender and loves.

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While Schmidt has a stake in the bar, Nick loves it. He takes care of the staff, the maintenance of the place and everything related to the back office. The bar is the most iconic setting on the show outside of the loft, and Nick’s position there really makes him look like the main character, especially since the audience is shown more of his work than anyone else.

6 The Pepperwood Chronicles

One of the longest-running sagas in New girl It was Nick’s longtime desire to write a novel, a dream that morphed into the phenomenon that was “The Pepperwood Chronicles.”

The novel was loved by all the characters and became a great success for Nick, finding him a new career as an author. The novel was a defining arc for both the character and the show, and has skyrocketed Nick’s level of success in recent seasons.

5 Everyone always wants to help him grow

New Girl Nick And Jess First Date

It’s not just the fans who support Nick and want him to be successful in life and happy in everything he does. All of the central characters on the show are constantly looking for Nick to be the best version of himself.

Nick puts up a lot of resistance to this sometimes, and it’s justified when it goes too far, and people try to change who he is on a fundamental level. But Schmidt, Jess, Winston, the coach, even Cece, they all want him to do better and actively try to get him there because they know how great he is, and the same can’t be said for the other characters.

4 He is the closest to everyone in the group.

The six central characters of New girl We are a close unit of friends, but the fact is that some couples are much closer than others, and in terms of who is the closest to the most people, it is definitely Nick.

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He is the closest of the six to Schmidt except for Cece; he is the closest to Jess (only defeated on a platonic level by Cece) he is Winston’s closest human friend and has known both Schmidt and Winston much longer than anyone. If it weren’t for him, Winston and Schmidt wouldn’t know each other; unite everyone in the group.

3 Grow and realize your potential

New Girl Nick writing book

The idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčNick’s potential has been talked about several times already, but for a character to be considered a (high-quality) main character on a show, there has to be significant development and growth.

No character in New girl suffers this more than Nick. Schmidt and then Cece are the only contenders. The way Nick transforms into a character that retains the basic personality makes him so great while also becoming successful, reaching his potential, and overcoming a significant amount of problems he had in the first season. Nick is one of the many fantastic main characters in the history of sitcoms who changes and develops for the better.

two Nick and Jess

New Girl Proposal Nick Jess Season 7

Cece and Schmidt is the best relationship in New girl and the one that fans are most committed to in the long run. However, Nick and Jess are still positioned as a central romance on the show, and more than Jess, fans are supporting Nick. Jess is the exact same character in episode one as he is in the finale. Nick is not. But one thing that hasn’t changed is her feelings / attraction for Jess, which she claims to have had since they met.

In the Jess / Nick saga, it is much easier to encourage them to get together, which is why it makes Nick happy; Even if the relationship is not for everyone, Nick is well liked by everyone, and Jess does not inspire as much praise or care. Even the proposal focused more on Nick than anything else, with him taking a more natural role at the forefront of this romantic saga and the series as a whole than Jess.

1 Has the most iconic quotes and scenes

Schmidt Bollywood Dance

When the public thinks of New girl There are a lot of fantastic scenes and moments that come to mind as the best and most memorable, and a lot of them involve Nick, possibly the majority.

The same applies to quotes, “Sayonara, Sammy.” and his spiel about being convinced he can’t read is ingrained in the minds of fans. No character on the show, with perhaps Schmidt as the sole plot, is involved in as many iconic and memorable things as Nick, from scenes to quotes to plots; he is the heart of almost everything in New girl.

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