In terms of single camera comedy shows from the 2010s, and the 21st century in general, few are as successful as New girl and few have a character like Winston Schmidt. A character who makes many mistakes and experiences tremendous growth throughout the show’s seven seasons, Schmidt is, for many fans, the best lead the show has to offer.

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While Jessica Day was positioned as the main character, there is a lot of evidence pointing to her not being the true main character of the show and that she is, in fact, Schmidt. Whether it’s because of things he does better than Jess as a central character, or simply because of who he’s translating better to audiences, Schmidt does a lot every time. New girl to make fans see him as the heart of the show.

10 The idiot jar

New Girl The Douchebag Jar

The ‘DoucheBag Jar’ is a staple of New girl, introduced in the opening moments of the show when the coach, Nick and Schmidt meet Jess. From that moment on, he plays a great role in the show.

Always there providing fun moments, the bottle is also a factor in Schmidt’s growth. It’s perhaps the most iconic accessory on the show, and with Schmidt becoming more personality-like and less of an idiot as he grows older, the flask is a huge part of his character, as is the loft. and the program itself.

9 Owner and Financier of the Loft

Nick confronts Cece about her affair as Schmidt and Winston watch on New Girl

One thing that is not talked about often enough in New girl This is how Schmidt is responsible for almost everything to do with the loft. While his maturity leaves a lot to be desired in other respects, he has more responsibilities than any other character in the early seasons.

Not only does he cook, clean and maintain the loft, he is also the main financier and pays for its contents. He then becomes the first character, with Cece, to buy his own house, a new setting for his new life, which truly exemplifies his status as the main character.

8 Possibly the funniest character

Schmidt giving Nick a kiss

Of the top six friends, there are three camps that most fans will fall for when discussing the funniest thing. New girl character; Nick, Winston or Schmidt.

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Schmidt and Nick are far less one-dimensional than Winston can be at times, and both together and separately provide some of the funniest moments on the show. Yet Schmidt, with his word pronunciation, pretentiousness, and attitude toward the world (pretty much his character in general), is always hilarious.

7 We always support you

Schmidt dating Cece and Elizabeth

Schmidt doesn’t always do the right thing. Although he is not a bad person, he makes bad decisions on numerous occasions. This plays on him as the main character though, because fans are always supporting him no matter what he does, good or bad.

Even when he cheats on Cece and Elizabeth with each other when they fail to break up with one of them, the audience cannot help but feel sorry for Schmidt and encourage not only his happiness but also his long-term growth.

6 Your past and insecurities

Fans receive stories and flashbacks related to the lives of Winston, Cece, Coach, and Jess, as well as strange bits of information from their parents, etc. But the characters whose past is explored the most is Nick, and even more so Schmidt.

Fans discover the great life events of all the main character’s upbringings, but not the problems and insecurities like Schmidt. How his former weight affects him (as much as this may not always be treated in the best way), his unpopularity, his dependence on Michael Keaton, all add up to his backstory and character, and how they intertwine throughout his adult life put it. at the forefront of the fair in terms of development.

5 His close ties with the rest of the group

New girl Nick Schmidt Winston

As with most arguments for Schmidt to be the main character, the only person who even challenges Schmidt when it comes to having the best relationships within the group is Nick, and it’s a close call.

Schmidt has a unique and close relationship with each of the six central characters, something that can only be said about Nick and him. Her bromance with Nick is iconic, her relationship with Cece too. He also has a solid repertoire with Winston, with all of whom is the real Winston debacle, and Schmidt is easily frustrated with Winston’s eccentric ways as standouts of the couple’s dynamic. Schmidt also manages to forge a close connection with Jess throughout the show, he was the main supporter of her moving into the loft after all, and he has a crush on her best friend. As for the coach, as Schmidt recounts in the pilot, Schmidt is the house that the coach built.

4 A much more interesting character than Jess

Schmidt about to kiss Jess

Weather New girl becomes an ensemble piece after the first few seasons, focusing on the group as a whole, Jess always positioned herself as the main character, even to the detriment of the show, forcing her to tell stories she had no right to. take part.

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The unfortunate fact of the matter is that Jess wasn’t that interesting, at least not compared to the likes of Schmidt, Nick, Winston, or even Cece. Schmidt has more than one arc, a higher quality arc, more complex character layers, and is a far more fun and memorable protagonist than Jessica Day’s rainbows and sun.

3 So many iconic quotes and scenes

New girl has a plethora of phenomenal scenes that thrill fans every time they look back, and while each of the six main characters gets their fair share of moments, only Nick is on a level with Schmidt in terms of iconic moments.

Schmidt not only has the ‘DoucheBag Jar’ and all the moments that go with it, but there are also the moments with Cece, the mindless screaming about white men, driving loafers and spice mix, and a host of others, creating a catalog of evidence that Schmidt is the main character in the piece.

two Its growth

Jar of Moron Schmidt

Schmidt’s growth is truly a sight to behold and a major factor in any argument that Schmidt is the main protagonist of the show. The difference between the first season of Schmidt and the seventh season of Schmidt is much greater than that of any other character.

At his core, Schmidt remains the same obsessive, loud, slightly pretentious individual. But it has matured incredibly. He has abandoned many of his old ideals in business and has become famous and socialite, finding happiness and fulfillment as Cece’s husband and Ruth’s father.

1 His relationship with Cece

Cece and Schmidt's wedding

Speaking of Cece and Schmidt, although it would be easy to assume that Nick and Jess are the central romance of New girlThere is no question that Cece and Schmidt is the relationship that the most fans are invested in and the one that they have the best memories of.

With Jess lacking the character development and interesting natures of the other characters, which both Schmidt and Cece have in abundance, Nick and Jess, while adorable, don’t have the intensity or induce the same level of caring as Cece and Schmidt. Their wedding is iconic, the proposal is emotional, their journey is one of the best arcs on the show, and fans are endlessly supporting them – a true romance between the main characters.

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