New ‘Star Trek’ film set for 2023

Where will the franchise bravely go now?


Since 2016 Star trek beyond, the movie franchise has been in a waiting pattern. When the movies first came back with 2009 Star trek, director JJ Abrams gave them a heavy Star Wars brightness, which later became irrelevant when real Star Wars movies returned in 2015. While the Star trek brand hasn’t slowed down with Paramount releasing a bunch of Emigrate series including Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Picardand the next Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, not much has happened with the movies. There was talk of a fourth installment that would unite Chris pineJames T. Kirk with his father George Kirk, played by Chris Hemsworth, but that never materialized. There was also talk of Quentin Tarantino address a Star trek, but that seems more like a fleeting fantasy than a serious chase. And then there was Fargo showrunner Noah hawley chasing a Trek movie that later evaporated as well.

And yet today Paramount announced that they have an untitled title. Star trek on the books for June 9, 2023. Of course, release dates are highly subject to change, and it is now standard operating procedure for studios to claim the weekends before they even have a script. The truth is that we do not know anything about this new Emigrate. We don’t know if it’s a continuation of Kelvin’s timeline that started with Star trek 2009 or if it is a fresh reboot.

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Personally, I wait for the reboot path. While i think Star trek 2009 and Star trek beyond they are funny movies, they still feel like they don’t fully understand Emigrate, even if Beyond it is quite close to the television series of the 1960s in terms of the scope of its adventure. But maybe the best for a Emigrate movie would be just resting on the brand name and building something from scratch. You can still interact with the main elements of Trek like the Borg or the Klingons or whatever, but you wouldn’t have to worry about alternate timelines or how your new version of Captain Kirk compares to The original series.

Of course, with all the big, interconnected IP these days, and Viacom devouring CBS all over again (previously they split up during Kelvin’s timeline), my bet is on something that can tie into what’s happening on the Paramount series. + so that in the name of corporate synergy if you see this new Star trek movie that you will be tempted to see Star Trek Discovery or Star Trek: Picard or something that makes movies not alone. It’s all cinematic universes now, so why should I Emigrate to be different.

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