Parks and recreation: the main characters, ranked by wealth

In the early years of the series, Parks and Recreation focused on a group of low-level bureaucrats who worked in the municipal government of a small Indiana town. But that changed incredibly over time, as they all built their respective careers, some in the public sector and some in the private sector.

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These long-term changes led to varying degrees of wealth for the characters, depending on what they decided to do with their lives. In some cases, it was enough to make fans wonder what it would have been like if his wealth had been a bigger factor in the series.

10 Andy dwyer

Andy Dwyer looks surprised

A lot could be said about Pawnee’s lovable resident goofball, Andy Dwyer. He was honest, direct, loyal, and hard-working. That said, it wasn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

And Andy was terrible with money too. As April once pointed out, she worked for years shining shoes and was never close to making a profit. It was also unclear what he made a living on once they moved to Washington, DC, if he did anything at all.

9 Ann perkins

ann perkins at christmas - parks and recreation

Although Ann was well known throughout Pawnee as a “cunning, malleable, brown-haired sunfish,” she was also a nurse and worked for the Pawnee government. Well, at least until she and Chris left town to raise their family.

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Ann wasn’t exactly rich to begin with, but after moving in, it is unknown whether or not she continued to be a nurse in Michigan. As such, it is very difficult to estimate your personal wealth, although it probably was not high.

8 Garry gergich

Garry Gergich and his wife smiling

Garry Gergich was a man of many names. Unfortunately, what his friends called him was rarely what they called him at birth. In fact, they didn’t use her real name until Season 7, Episode 7, and that was only because Donna tricked them into doing so.

Considering Garry spent his entire life working for Pawnee, it’s unlikely that he made much money doing it. At one point, Chris Traeger cut his salary from Parks when he realized that Garry was not technically qualified to do his job.

7 April Ludgate-Dwyer

parks and recreation april coffee mug

When fans first met April, she was an intern working at the Pawnee Parks Department for college credit, but soon became Ron Swanson’s assistant and began her career in government. He even ended up following Leslie to the federal government.

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In season 7, April and Andy move to Washington, DC after she accepted a position at the American Service Foundation. Hopefully it paid well, as Andy never seemed to have a steady job or money at all.

6 Chris Traeger

Chris Traeger lying on the ground and smiling at the camera

For many years, Chris worked for the Indiana state government with Ben Wyatt. He was eventually hired as a Pawnee city manager before moving to work at the University of Michigan and then returning to work in Indiana.

Chris was constantly employed throughout the series and probably made a pretty good living, but it’s unlikely any of these jobs made him an incredibly wealthy man, especially with a family to support.

5 Ben wyatt

parks and rec leslie ben anniversary jerry

No one had a bigger hill to climb in the world of politics than Ben Wyatt. He was elected mayor of his hometown while he was still in high school. Later, he was charged with gross incompetence.

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But the man worked hard and made a comeback that landed him in the House of Representatives. Career politicians don’t always make a lot of money, but it’s hard to imagine that Ben didn’t do well.

4 Tom haverford

Tom Haverford posing excited

If there’s one thing that can be said about Tom Haverford, it’s that men like to make big changes. Entertainment 720 may not have been a huge success, but Rent-A-Swag and its restaurant empire did well and their closings weren’t really their fault.

When the series came to an end, Tom was an incredibly successful author who was working on his second book. The man made money and had prestige, although he generally lived longer than he could afford.

3 Leslie knope

Leslie Knope fingering guns

Finding out that Leslie Knope had successfully become Governor of Indiana came as no surprise. He is the type of person who completes practically all the tasks that are proposed. As such, no one would be surprised to find out that she was the president.

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The series finale largely implied that Ben or Leslie had become President of the United States, although the smart money would be on Leslie. Again, a career in government does not guarantee wealth, but given the levels Leslie reached, his career likely did.

two Donna meagle

Donna Meagle smiles right

When Parks and Recreation Donna Meagle was a supporting character who barely had lines in every episode, but by the end of the series, Donna was a main character who had become a fan favorite.

Donna and Joe moved to Seattle, where she became a powerful real estate agent who built a great bank. By the looks of it, her “pampering” days had gotten pretty epic, though she’d also found a second life in a nonprofit organization.

1 Ron swanson

Ron gives Diane a ring

Ron Swanson once admitted: “… Actually, I’m not sure how much money I have. But I do know how many pounds of money I have.” For a guy who lived such a simple and straightforward life, that might be the most ballistic thing anyone has ever said.

It is never stated openly in the series how rich Ron was. What was known was that he had secret gold caches buried throughout the city, founded his own construction company, and bought a majority stake in the Lagavulin Distillery. It is possible that he was secretly the richest person in Pawnee.

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