Playing too hard on Lenovo’s Legion Duel Phone 2 could break it

Lenovo’s Legion Duel Phone 2 has undergone a durability test with catastrophic results, which means that abusing the new gaming phone is not a good idea.

Lenovo’s chunky Legion Duel Phone 2 may look like something of a beast for a smartphone, but the same can’t be said for its structural integrity. A durability test showed how relatively less stress on the new Android gaming phone can lead to disastrous results. While the Legion brand is best known for Lenovo’s high-end gaming laptops, that changed with the launch of the first Lenovo Legion smartphone last year.

The original Legion phone featured a pop-up secondary camera, with a unique primary camera design that sits flat in the center of the phone rather than the typical camera bump. Just over half a year later, Lenovo’s second version, the Legion Duel 2, also uses a centered main chamber design but instead of lying on the back, it now has a bulge that houses a built-in cooling fan. It appears that this unusual design also hid a critical flaw that had been exposed in a recent durability test.

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YouTuber JerryRigAll putting the Legion Duel 2 through a series of tests to determine how robust Lenovo’s latest gaming phone is. During the flex test, the Legion Phone successor failed catastrophically by breaking three around where the camera bump sits. However, its front screen managed to survive without breaking. It appears that the phone’s antenna lines, which surrounded its protruding bulge, were to blame, as they are generally reinforced with a weaker plastic material rather than metal. This means that taking one’s anger out on the phone, or doubling it down out of frustration, is not advisable. If a player were to fold or launch the Legion Duel 2 without its case after an infuriating match in COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, or any other stress-inducing game, it is very likely that it will break.

Lenovo Legion Duel Phone 2 Durability vs. The competition

Front of Lenovo Legion Phone

While Lenovo’s Legion Duel Phone 2 failed the flex test, it is not the only gaming phone on the market that has been shown to break easily. The Asus ROG Phone 5 also performed poorly when subjected to the same test. Like the Legion Duel Phone 2, the ROG Phone 5 showed some structural weakness around its center, with its rear glass panel fractured in multiple lines of cracks.

By contrast, Xiaomi’s Black Shark 3 gaming phone fared much better. Its flex test resulted in virtually no flex even when maximum pressure was applied to both its front and rear. This is because the rear is reinforced with a metal frame that wraps around its center, providing a more solid base. The screen on the Black Shark 3 may not be as smooth as any of the other models, but it is certainly designed to last longer without the need for a case. Those interested in Legion Duel 2, however, should Invest in a tough case, or at least avoid abusing the device when the rage is gone.

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