Purge 5 quickly moves release date to replace Top Gun 2

Universal moves The Purge 5, The Forever Purge, one week until July 2 following the recently announced delay by Top Gun 2 until November 19, 2021.

The release date of The eternal purge has changed in response to Top Gun: Maverick ‘s delay. The upcoming film is the fifth and final installment in the horror franchise. The purge. The series began with the 2013 film of the same name, which takes place in a dystopia where all crimes are legal during a 12-hour annual period. Most of the films in the franchise have received mixed reviews, but have achieved box office success. The purge It also spawned a USA Network television series, although it was canceled in 2020 after two seasons.

The first purge is the most recent film in the series, released in July 2018. It is a prequel that shows how the first Purge came about. For this reason, The purge 5 is instead a direct sequel to 2016 The Purge: Election Year, picking up where the events of that movie ended. The eternal purge It was originally scheduled to launch in July 2020. However, it was delayed in May due to the pandemic and was without a release date for a couple of months. During the summer, Universal announced The purge 5 instead, it would be released on July 9.

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Now for THR‘s Borys Kit, The eternal purge has moved again, this time up to a week until July 2. The news comes just after Paramount made the Tom Cruise ad directed Top Gun: Maverick it was delayed four months to November 19, 2021. The movie was scheduled to come out on July 2, and Universal quickly swooped in to claim the location.

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Although a week may not make much of a difference to those who wait The purge 5, the release date change is a smart move on Universal’s part. Like 2020, this year will be unprecedented for the film industry. While last year saw companies frantically pulling on their movies when it became clear they couldn’t safely release them in theaters, 2021 presents the opposite problem. Now, it seems more and more likely that the big blockbusters could be released very soon, but there are a limited number of locations available where movies have any chance of success. The speed of Universal’s decision shows that it is well aware of it.

All 2021 releases will have the added boost of moviegoers who haven’t been to a theater in years and are delighted to spend time in one. However, this year an unheard of number of movies will be released in theaters as well, and there’s no way they’re all going to be hits, despite the increased audience anticipation. It is impossible to know now which films will come out, but it is clear that Universal expects The purge 5 it will be one of your success stories.

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