A 2009 scandal sent The Real Housewives of DC straight into cancellation. Filled with political intrigue, 2021 is the perfect time to restart RHODC.

Short-lived but never forgotten The Real Housewives of DC is one of Bravo’s most controversial canceled series, and it certainly deserves a reboot in 2021. Like the first Real housewives shows not to receive a second season, RHODC is an infamous entry to this franchise as it was engulfed in scandals and missed opportunities. Fortunately, more than a decade has passed since the untimely conclusion of The real housewives of DCAnd 2021 is the perfect year to revive the show.

From the glamorous apartments on the Upper West Side of New York City to the mansions of Beverly Hills, Bravo has successfully powered the Real housewives franchises in several major cities from coast to coast. The real housewives of DC he had untapped potential with his political location and his knowledge of the lavish lifestyle of the bureaucratic elite. Unfortunately, however, DC’s housewife Michaele Salahi got also involved in government high society when she attended a 2009 state dinner hosted at the White House without an invitation. Michaele not only crashed into the White House, he also crashed RHODCchances of becoming another thriving series within this franchise once its scandal has made national headlines.

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After 12 years without RHODC in the course Real housewives franchise, DC’s landscape has changed dramatically, which would make for a perfect 2021 reboot. Explaining the reasons behind the RHODC Cancellation in 2009, Bravo producer Andy Cohen explained that he intended to bring it back for a second season, but that the White House scandal was gone. “a stench” attached to the series. Over the next decade, the US capital has been exposed to large-scale scandals such as impeachments and insurrections, which means that the Michaele Salahi scandal has had enough time to be somewhat forgotten.

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In recent years, Real housewives The franchise has excelled at turning the scandal to gold, whether by filming RHOSLC star Jen Shah after her arrest for allegedly committing wire fraud, or broadcasting Michael Darby groping a producer in Real Housewives of Potomac. Bravo has now achieved a much higher tolerance for public misconduct than more than a decade ago. While some may argue that Potomac has effectively replaced the absence of The real housewives of DC, the success of the Maryland-based series only exemplifies how popular a DMV (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia) region program can be, even if Andy Cohen had to start from scratch.

Although it may not have been unnecessary, The real housewives of DC it ended before he had a chance to show his potential. Due to the current stimulating political climate and the neighboring Real Housewives of Potomachigh entertainment value, a 2021 reboot of RHODC it would surely prosper.

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