Riverdale: 5 Ways Betty Is Different In The Archie Comics (& 5 She’s The Same)

As one of the main characters in the Archie comics, Betty Cooper is featured in every highlight of the long-running series. Similarly, she is one of Riverdale ‘s focal points, where he takes a more active role in the plot.

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In the comics, Betty represents the classic “girl next door” archetype. She is caring, personable, and outgoing. She is everyone’s best friend and struggles to find fault with others. RiverdaleThe cynical and proactive take on the character certainly deviates from the comics. However, both versions of Betty share many innate traits that keep the character rooted in her origins, proving that they might not be all that different from each other after all.

10 Different: Comic Betty is healthy

Betty Cooper playing with a ball on the beach in Archie comics

The comic Betty is a nice girl, from start to finish. She is almost too nice; a girl that everyone likes and that everyone likes. Love children, read to the elderly, and rescue and care for stray animals. She excels at almost everything she does and people love her for it.

RiverdaleBetty is also quite outstanding, but she is not as altruistic as her counterpart from the comics. Several times during the show’s run, many characters express surprise when they discover that Betty is not as nice as she seems.

9 Same: they both like to sing

Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Kevin play The Archies in Ricverdale.

In the comics, Betty is part of The Archies alongside Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, Reggie Mantle, and of course Archie Andrews. She serves as lead guitarist, percussionist, and one of the three lead singers, the other two being Veronica and Archie. Their most popular single, “Sugar, Sugar”, was a huge commercial success during the bubblegum-pop era of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Riverdale it features musical numbers in almost every episode. Betty made her singing debut during the now infamous pole dance sequence, where she performed Michael Andrews and Gary Jules ‘version of Tears For Fears’ “Mad World.”

8 Different: she doesn’t have a “dark side”

“Dark Betty” was one of the main Riverdale plot point during previous seasons. From the moment Betty wore a black wig and severely tortured a boy by burning him, the public knew that this version of Betty was dangerous. However, as the show progressed, the story became less relevant until it was completely gone. In more recent seasons, Betty’s dark side tried to explain itself by the presence of a “serial killer gene”, but that plot collapsed and burned faster than “Dark Betty”.

In the comics, Betty couldn’t have a dark side even if she tried. The girl is all sugar, some spices, and of course all the good stuff.

7 Same: fashion sense

Betty sitting in diner versus comic character

In both the comics and the TV show, Betty’s wardrobe is quite conservative. He dresses in a classic, all-American way, favoring jeans, polo shirts, sweaters and hoodies. She almost always wears her hair in a ponytail and prefers sneakers to high heels.

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In Riverdale, Betty’s style is still pretty faithful. She also has a wide variety of sweaters, and her outfits are plain and almost plain, unlike her friends Veronica and Cheryl.

6 Different: hobbies and interests

Betty playing basketball and dancing in the Archie comics

In the comics, Betty participates in numerous activities. She is a part-time babysitter who plays baseball, is involved in various social causes, enjoys cooking and reading to the elderly, is a talented mechanic, likes and excels at skiing, car racing, and scuba diving, and takes care of of the animals. In fact, her many talents often make Veronica jealous.

In RiverdaleBetty only seems to care about reporting and solving gruesome murders and mysteries. The character is far from uninteresting, but his range of interests drops dramatically.

5 Same: intelligence

Betty attends an Archie comics virtual class

In both the show and the comics, Betty is an outstanding student who excels in multiple areas. In the comics, she is the character who shows interest in writing, which her teacher, Miss Grundy, encourages. Over the years, he submitted his work to magazines and newspapers and was even published multiple times.

Although he runs the school newspaper and shows a superficial interest in writing, Riverdale it focuses on Betty’s instincts and intuition. After the time jump, he works for the FBI, confirming his status as possibly the smartest character on the show.

4 Different: Relationship with Jughead

Betty and Jughead eating at Pop's in the Archie comics

In the comics, Betty and Jughead are close friends who trust almost everything. Betty often tries to improve Jughead by making him let go of his lazier demeanor, but the two share a genuine and caring relationship. Jughead’s sexuality in the comics is unclear, though he often expresses his dislike of girls, dating, and romance. He once said that if he ever had to kiss a girl, he would kiss Betty.

On the show, the two are at the center of the most popular but troublesome relationship. And while “Bughead” might be over, for now, chances are the two of them will find their way back at the end of the show.

3 Same: Friendship with Veronica

Betty Cooper is the best friend of Veronica Lodge, regardless of the medium or the story. In the comics, his dynamic is somewhat complicated due to his feelings for the king of “good guys”, Archie Andrews. The two often compete for her affection, much to the red-haired boy’s pleasure.

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On the show, and due to Betty’s relationship with Jughead, her friendship with Veronica is less complicated. They have different personalities, and as the show progresses, their stories become less intertwined. However, they remain close, at least until the time jump.

two Different: Romantic relationships

Betty asks Adam out, making Archie jealous

Betty’s crush on Archie is the bread and butter of the Archie comics. He sees her more as a close and confident friend; a kind of backup when Veronica is not available. He doesn’t like it when she goes out with other guys, as he prefers to have her only interest.

Aside from him, Betty has a flirtatious relationship with Reggie Mantle, and the two even marry in one of the series’ many possible futures. She also dates Adam Chisholm, who Archie openly doesn’t like. In RiverdaleJughead is Betty’s only love interest besides Archie.

one Same: she is socially conscious

Betty briefs her team at the FBI in Riverdale

Both versions of the character share a commitment to truth and justice, although they both express it differently. In the comics, Betty cares deeply about the environment and sustainability. He often scolds his friends for littering and does everything he can to improve Riverdale’s living conditions. He also cares about homeless people and stray animals.

On the show, she is a complete detective, albeit somewhat inconsistent. He is tenacious and relentless in his search for the truth, eventually reaching the FBI. It’s a good way to update your character without losing your caring and selfless demeanor.

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