According to Reality Steve, The Bachelor frontman Matt James has been trying to get back with Rachael Kirkconnell while flirting with another woman.

Following the news that The Bachelor Stars Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell have reportedly been trying to get back together, Reality Steve now reports that Matt was flirting with another woman while professing his love for Rachael. This same week, Matt and Rachael were spotted together in New York City. However, this was reportedly not the first contact they had since the finale aired. If Reality Steve’s reports turn out to be true, Matt has been cheating on not just Rachael, but another woman as well.

After Matt and Rachael’s dramatic and awkward breakup After the final rose In the interview, fans assumed the couple was over for good … or at least that’s the way Matt made it sound. She has talked about how Rachael needs to “do the job” to improve herself, explaining that this is something she needs to do alone. But when they saw them together, everything was called into question. Many media outlets reported that Matt and Rachael are working on a platonic friendship and that Matt doesn’t want to date her, but Reality Steve has now countered those other sources.

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On an Instagram Live recorded on Friday, Reality steve revealed that the evidence he has received shows that Matt has been “love bombardment“Rachael since the end and he’s been saying he’s still in love and wants to be in a relationship with her. The couple have reportedly been texting, talking, and FaceTiming every day since the finale, and Matt reportedly even paid for Rachael’s ticket to New York to visit him this week. However, Reality Steve also claims that Matt “Call bitch”A woman named Grace the night before her flight from Florida to New York City so she could meet Rachael. Funny He eventually turned it down and called Matt to confront him after she heard he was spending time with Rachael, but Matt denied it. When these interactions with Grace got to Rachael, she also confronted Matt about it, who allegedly also denied that he was talking to Grace.

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According to Reality Steve, Matt and his group are working overtime to control the narrative and “cover your ass. “This new information looks bad to Matt, even if reports from Reality Steve show Matt didn’t technically cheat on Rachael. In the end, constantly professing his love and desire for Rachael while flirting with other women just days before he settled down. To see Rachael is incomplete behavior. Apparently Rachael sees it the same way and left Matt’s apartment on Thursday. According to the allegations, the two have not spoken since.

This is not the worst of a former leader The Bachelor He never has, but it’s not a great look for Matt either. He wasn’t in a committed relationship with Rachael when he was talking to Grace, but he was trying to be. If these reports turn out to be true, casts serious doubt on Matt’s maturity and willingness to be in a committed relationship.

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